Need some proposal ideas..

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  1. Thought I would ask the girls in here how would you want to be proposed to? I'm about to do it this weekend but have no idea how..I'm clueless at the moment.
  2. :nuts: Aww....

    How long have you been with the lucky lady? If you don't mind me asking... Thats sweet...

    Do you want romantic, cute, traditional... There are so many ideas, i guess it depends on how old she is, and what her personality is like...
  3. Been w/her for 4 years. I want something romantic and cute and private. Not really into the public proposals. I was thinking of doing something at home but I have no clue how. Not planning to do the traditional at the dinner restaurant thingy.
  4. Well, we've been together 3 yrs, and are engaged to be married in March (eep that's soon!!:love: ) My Fi proposed to me at a random moment because we had a romantic night out, and he chickened out and ended up proposing at home (so sweet!!!). So, my suggestion is to do something romantic at home...tell her that you've taken care of everything for dinner plans, and give her classic romance...her favorite dinner (cook for her:idea:), get lots of her favorite flowers, favorite wine, favorite music--show her your love in your actions--and then tell her how much she means to you, how amazing she is, how every day with her in it is better (yes, Fi said this to me), and ask her to be your wife, and then if she's like me, she'll :cry: and go :love: WOW he just proposed!! I'm getting weepy just remembering our magical moment :cry: :love: !!
  5. i always thought it would be sweet to be proposed to over breakfast in bed on a lazy weekend morning. sun streaming through the windows, the sweet gesture of her favorite breakfast, etc. it would be a nice, private moment.

  6. I was going to suggest breakfast time as well! Serve mimosa's - orange juice with Veuve CLiquot champagne!
  7. yes! mmmm mimosas made with fine champagne...can't go wrong there!
  8. awww i will have somethingfor u later
  9. Rent a bunch of romantic movies, light some scented candles and buy snacks including a box of cracker jack popcorn and hide the ring inside the box (you'd have to wrap the box in plastic first). Sounds corny but I think it would be cute.
  10. I love this idea! I also like the idea of being proposed to at a place that means something to my significant other and myself - where we had our first date, or a place where we had a great time together. I would want it to be a private moment, but I wouldn't mind if my close family was there. I know it could be a little embarrassing, but I could imagine my family knowing about it the whole time, and of course I'd be the last to know. That sounds like something my bf would do :P
  11. Hubby proposed to me during a conference in Long Beach. We were walking back from where the conference was on the beach, I'm LOVING the sand between my toes, it's night, the whole sky was filled with stars and he asked. When we got back to our hotel ( we had seperate bedrooms!), my bed was covered in flowers. Mostly roses, but Gerbera daisies which I love, too.

    It was very special and romantic, and the hotel staff loved the flowers when we left the next day. I hope they did, anyway.He asked my father a week later, and when dad said yes, then we formally announced our engagement. We got married almost 3 months later.
    (And my second anniversary is in two weeks! Time flies!)
  12. This might seem dorky, but I think it's cute...
    Have a great night togather, and don't let her on to anything,
    When she's asleep slip the ring on her finger, when she wakes up, she'll have a little present...

    Or pick her up for the night on the town, when she opens the door, you know she looks stunning,
    " You look stunning, but theirs one thing missing to make you even more prefect...."
    Get on your knee and propose....

    Put the ring somewhere you know she will go...
    say her jewerly box, or buy her flowers, put it on a ribbon, tell her you have a present... Tell her to turn around, and buy a silver chain like from target, and put the ring on...
    Or if you don't have the ring, tie a peice of paper to it, WIll you marry me?

    HAha...sorry, I have to many ideas...
  13. Well, this is what I've decided to do. She will be at work Friday this will all work out.
    Last night I was up for 4 hours making this home made movie w/past pictures of us. In the movie I state the top 10 reasons why I love her and then end it w/a short poem. I then jokingly said this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds and her mission is to follow the rose petals upstairs. I will place the laptop where she'll walk in and see the movie. Upstairs, I will have our room decorated w/candles and flowers. I will be in the bathroom w/a bath ready for her w/this new Pottery Barn Spiral Candle Votive Holder placed in the background on the wall.

    What do ya'll think?
  14. Sounds absolutely perfect!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  15. Cute...
    Can't go wrong, and she will always remember how special the night is...
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