need some prada help

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  1. hi all...i'm not new to the forum, but i am new to the prada forum..i've had the prada nylon messenger bag and the nylon "pocket" bag (not sure of the name)...i also have the flap bag in leather and nylon...(not sure if that's still "in" or not...any feedback?)...i'm looking for a nice nylon hobo from prada as i miss the lightweight nylon...any suggestions? any help or thoughts are appreciated!
    thanks!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Have u looked at the Gauffre nylon hobos..I have one and adore it!!!
  3. ^ I agree w/ Jill...check those out!! I just got a smaller one and adore it!!!
  4. I agree! Those are so fun and they're very durable since they're made of nylon.