Need some Postiano Info!

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  1. Hi Ladies! Has anyone ever seen one of these bags with silver hardware instead of gold??? Also, is there a way to spot a knockoff by looking at the scarf?? When I looked on ebay, I saw a TON of scarves that were white with the gold gucci symbol, horseshoe thingys (anyone know the actual name? lol) I feel like that same scarf is easy to copy and seen everywhere on the internet, but it is not on the gucci site least not on the positano bags. Any insight? thanks!!! :smile:
  2. oh goodness its positano! whoopsie on the spelling error in the header!!:smartass:
  3. Try calling a gucci store and asking them.
  4. i took my ? real vrs fake bag there with that scarf, and the people in customer service did say they have used that scarf in previous seasons, but i would be really careful about buying it if u cant verify its authencity, refer to my current thread