Need some positive reinforcement for me please :)

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  1. I know it is hard, and I move all the time so every time it's a constant battle.
    My chi is now 2 years old, i can say he is fully house trained as this point.
    Unfortunately I am moving yet again in the coming 2 weeks. His place for going potty will change again.

    I just got him a crate thing for him to go potty, but he has yet to go on it, and I still have not caught him in the act so I can teach him like always on where to go correctly.

    I got him this crate as I would like him to get used to go where the crate is, then it will be easier for him to identify the correct place.

    It is very frustrating, and I am patient. but only if he would go.:Push:

    And another thing, I've been through the potty training tips sticky. Does any one here only let their dogs go in the morning, after dinner and before bed? I now only confine him to the living area in the day after his morning business, and he holds it in until he has access to potty after dinner, and its working just fine. I would like to teach him to go on command as it seems a bit more easier for me to control him where and when to go.

    Would like some advice and positive reinforcement for me :smile: thanks guys!
  2. No! Don't teach a dog to pee in a crate. That will make travel become a nightmare and pet sitting would be a nightmare if you need to use it. Crate training should be to accomodate travel, confinement and offer the dog a safe-haven during stressful times.

    Is there a reason he can't go outside or have a potty mat on a balcony?

    Simply do a refresher in house training. Leash him up at the new place, when he needs to go take him to the spot, when he uses the spot praise him calmly. If he starts to use a different spot, say NO! or ACH! and rush him to the right spot. If he finishes up there, praise him. I'm assuming you're using potty mats, so the mat itself should work fine as a marker without using a crate.

    As for potty times, after house training is solid, I use the set potty scedule of after morning, noon and evening. Although I also give a potty break before every walk or outing. I've also taught the command "Go Potty" so he'll handle his business right away and I don't have to wait if we're in a rush for an appointment or if its freezing / raining.
  3. Oh, and teaching the "go potty" command is easy. Once house training is good again, simply take the dog to the mat at the regular potty times. When they walk onto the mat, calmly say: "Go Potty", when they start to potty, calmly praise (you don't want to excite them mid-potty with energetic praise. You can treat them after they've completed there business if you like.) Eventually, they'll connect the command to the action. :smile:
  4. Sorry, i think i used the wrong terms, it is a potty mat :shame: its a mat with a crate like guard on top (do i make sense?)

    but thanks for your input. I have been trying to associate him with "go potty", with his poop/ pee times right now after dinner and in the morning. I do reckon I can do w/o the potty mat at this point - he goes in the balcony and I can always just clean it. He seems to not like the potty mat tho.
  5. i know a maltese who only potties at 5 in the morning and 5 at night because of the owner's works schedule. i believe she has a pad available but i think i was told the maltese still won't use it. the maltese is around 8 years old now.
  6. Yes that's what I was afraid of! the pad is expensive! (its a ugodog!)
    but I can understand why he doesn't want to use it.

    Now i've confined his space where he can only use the ugodog.
    And guess what I came home to? poop on the carpet! (luckily its not pee)

    He is a stubborn boy, and i know he knows how to hold it in, but sometimes he does these things to make a statement!
  7. a bit frustrating. I don't think my chi is used to me looking at him when he's doing his business.
    like last night I wanted to sync his pee with "go potty", and i did, then he peed while walking away :faint:
    but i did praise him and give him a treat when he finished his business