Need some "paddy opinions"!

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm totally new to Chloe bags and I am seriously considering a "paddy" as my first purchase. I keep reading where it is a heavy bag mostly because of the lock. I just got rid of a bag that was too heavy for me. I need to ask the experts. I'm not a person that really weighs down my bags with a lot of extra stuff but I really need an honest assessment. THANKS!!

  2. It depends on what you call havy:p . I moved from Bal (featherweight) to Chloé paddy which is a havy bag in itself. But I really don't mind the weight. I think you should go and check it out in store whatever we say is pretty "subjective". Some people take the lock of because of the weight but then to me it looses it's destinctiveness...all a matter of opinion sorry if I wasn't able to help much.
  3. Thanks alot. I actually picked it up empty at Nordie's and it didn't seem so bad.

  4. I really don't find the paddy heavy at all. It's heavier than some practical bags I have but I assume that's because it's leather and there's a lock on it. The paddy wouldn't make your arm ache from carrying it around all day, if that's what you're wondering!:heart:
  5. also, you really do get used to it quickly. The thrill of carrying such a fab bag more than makes up for the weight ;)
    i dont notice it at all when I carry mine
  6. I think its heavy compared to my other bags, but I don't mind hauling around that lock, because the bag looks good. You were right to check it out in person, given you already got rid of a bag that was too heavy.
  7. Falling under the spell of the Paddy eh? :graucho: I don't find it heavy at all, although I can handle a great deal more weight with anything when it's tossed on the shoulder as opposed to handheld.

    I have a couple of really heavy leather bags I love that forced me to strictly edit what I carry. I had 4 lipsticks/lipbalms I was toting and using, that sort of thing.

    So...........what color are you going for?
  8. Don't let the heaviness deter you from buying a paddington. It is a truly glorious bag to carry. The only complaint I had regarding the bag was the limited amount of stuff I could carry in it. But that's cus I'm into big bags now. If you carry a normal amount of things it's a great bag to own. Try to get your hands on a nice smooshy pebbly one.
  9. Thanks ladies!!! I knew I could get the straight answers here. I'm going to just bite the bullet and purchase one. I'm thinking black......:yes: !

  10. Windycity - hi from chicago

    It is heavy, I recently got one and I find I am just a little more selective than usual about what I carry to offset the weight.

    It is the best though, the side pockets r fantastic too! It also has a long enough strap to fit comfortably in the shoulder which helps for those long days of shopping.

    Totally go for it! You won't regret it.
  11. it weights 3 lbs without the padlock when empty, but you would get used to it quickly.

  12. I have a black Paddy and I adore it - it has the best leather imaginable! Muscade is also a great colour ;)

    The weight doesn't bother me too much despite me being quite small and weak! :sweatdrop: :shame:
  13. It is, as already mentioned, completely subjective. But I found it lighter than the bag I was using, because that one held so much more. Therefore, I used to stuff it with 'just in case' items, which made the old bag weigh a ton!

    I had to rationalise what I carried in the Paddy as it wouldn't hold so much. Not only that, but with all my usual 'just in case' items in the Paddy, I didn't like the way the lock was disappearing into the contents of the open bag. You couldn't see it! :wtf:. So what I did, (like kitskats and lordguinny), was take out what I didn't actually need on a daily basis. The Paddy lock now hangs over the zips, as it should, and is actually much lighter than my original bag!

    I feel so good carrying my Paddy and it draws admiring looks and compliments. I wouldn't care if I did find it heavy, I'd still carry it! Think shoes that make your legs look great. They are not usually that comfortable! Tis the price we pay for our vanity , but well worth it :yes:

  14. Now you just convinvced me I think I need another one...:p

    Seriously I just saw you live in Winchester, I went there a couple of years ago, we had lovely weather such a charming place I loved it!
  15. Don't mind the weight too - as was previously said, you can always shoulder carry it - fashionable or not - if you carry such a beautiful bag - it does not really matter - right?