Need some overnight LV advice...

  1. Hey everybody, I am going to a wedding next month and will just be overnighting it. So here's the dilly-yo!! I have the monogram Alize 24 which normally I give my kids for their overnights at their dad's house. This is the small easy bag that would work for an overnighter. BUT..I have a nice dress and a ton of make-up and hair stuff. Plus a nice pair of shoes..I'm afraid if I use this bag it will get crammed and messy...The other option I have is my LV Keepall 50..This isn't as structured as the Alize..But it's bigger and if I use my Trouville as a make up and hair bag I could get my closet and dress in the carry all. But it's bigger than what I would honestly need!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!? I only have those two bags plus the trouville. HELP ME!!!:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. id go with the keepall if your things wont be as squished in that.
  3. keepall!
  4. I would do the Alize 24-Trouville Combo. Your dress needs a structured bag and the Keepall would not afford you that. GoodLVck!
  5. Another vote for keepall!
  6. keepall for sure.
  7. Keepall!
  8. Alize + trouville. :heart:
  9. keep all.... oh and the deauville........

    and imma need you not to say dilly yo ever again, ok?

  10. You got it!! I was at work, just going a little crazy!!!
  11. ITA:tup: