need some opinions...

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  1. alright ladies, so i've found a consignment shop with a lambskin mini flap and very good condition selling at $420, is this a good deal in your opinion? it comes with authenticity card and hologram sticky is still on.

    There is also a lambskin jumbo, but i am not sure if this is the XL jumbo or the regular jumbo. It has scuff marks all over but these are not terrible ones. i mean the bag isnt torn or anything.. this one is selling for $580!! obviosly this is the better deal, but the question is:

    which bag would you guys choose to purchase?
  2. I think you should go for what fills the larger void in your current handbag collection and also consider which one you'd make the most use out of. It's not a deal if it just sits in your closet unused! :biggrin:

    Best of luck with your decision and congrats on the find!

  3. the thing is, i already have a caviar jumbo so there really is nop need for another large flap. as for the mini, it would be my first little bag. however, either one would be my first lambskin ever so i am happy with either. that is why i have such a tough decision. thanks for your input though, i realise i shouldnt just buy to collect. hehe