need some opinions

  1. hey all!
    i got the hayden harnett inka hobo in's TDF!!!! but...can i wear a black bag in the summer? (has cream tonal stitching)'s amazing...the leather is awesome and the slouchiness...I'M LOVE!!!
    opinions, please!
  2. I don't see why not!
    But you can't wear it with all outfits - for example if you have a light floral dress, a black bag would weight it down...

    I wear black bags all the time in the summer - I like to wear stripes mostly black and white - so that helps a lot... or maybe you can add some bright accessories for your bag - so like a bright scarf? Or a bright keychain?

    I really think u just need to get the right outfit - I don't see why not
  3. Black is a basic color that can be worn all year round. I don't think it matters what you're wearing - even w/the cream stitching, those are pretty basic colors. I never match my bags to what I'm wearing. I just carry the bag I most feel like and use it for about a week or two before I change bags again.