Need some opinions

  1. Ok, so I am new to this board. So hello to my fellow bag lovers. I am in quite the predicament which I don't want to end up where I purchase both.

    I was in Neimans today in the Short Hills mall stalking for the new Rock and Chain. I am first on the waiting list for it-(I have decided on the white). However, I was talking to the SA and now I am thinking of getting a baby cabas instead. She told me it was 1295 and comes in some fabric in either silver or gold. I was dead set on the Rock and Chain because I have the original coco cabas in caviar leather.
    Shoud I get the cabas instead? If so, what color? I need some help!!! :nuts: I love the cabas, but I don't want to get into the habit where I start buying every variation made.

    I don't want to end up buying both as usual. Please help me!!!!!
  2. get the rock and chain because white is for this season...You can always get a baby cabas in darker color....So get a baby cabas for next season..
  3. I would get the rock and chain if you already have a cabas, make your chanel collection diverse :graucho:
  4. I just love the rock & chain. I'm waiting on the red from Nordie's.
  5. You will not like the cabas your SA is describing. It is not leather, but rather some coated fabric. It's a HUGE sports like bag.
  6. Rock & chain!!! :love:
  7. Here is the sports baby cabas your SA is describing. I'm borrowing these pictures from an eBay auction:



  8. Rock and Chain in white! Sounds so pretty@
  9. Rock And Chain..hands Down!
  10. Go for the Rock and Chain!! :smile:

  11. Thanks! I think I am going to tough it out and wait the week for the Rock and Chain. My SA is telling me by the end of next week.
    Thanks Smoothoprter for the pic. That made my decision for me.
  12. :welcome: Welcome! I agree with the wise girls above, rock & chain in white looks amazing....

    OT: thanks smooth for those pics, i have never seen them!
  13. Good choice! Congrats!
  14. rock and chain for sure!!

    or a leather baby cabas :smile:
  15. Welcome, and great choice... I also don't think you will like that style Cabas as much.