need some opinions - what do you think of this one?

  1. it is a rather large, I believe vintage, portfolio carried as a clutch. i am not sure of the colour but I want to say noce?

    do you think I would get decent use out of it? I am just wondering - it is too big for an eve clutch but would I carry it during the day?

    another question is: seeing as I lost out for the moment on the bag I really wanted (noce veneta - went for a steal to another BV lover I assume), would you settle for something else: by that I mean either something else in noce, or a veneta in another colour? or would you rather save/ wait up until the right one comes back around?

    thanks :smile:
    bv vintage portfolio.jpg
  2. JMHO. How big is the clutch? Big enough to hold a laptop? Big enough to hold business papers? Do you transport alot of papers between home and work?

    I would not settle, just because at these prices one should be happy with the purchase.
  3. I think that bag would be cute carried as a clutch. The trend now is larger clutchs. Do you know the measurements? Not sure of the exact name but the color isn't noce.

    If you feel like your settling by getting a different bag than you want - the noce veneta, then save up and get it. But I don't think you would be disappointed with a different color if the veneta is what you really want.
  4. Hi lara!

    The clutch looks cute, but I doubt it be very practical all day long, maybe you`ll get sick of carrying it in the hand or under the arm? (I have a vintage briefcase and sometimes I just want to drop it right where I stand).

    Looking how you are totally into the color Noce, particularly in the Veneta style, I´d recommend you to be just a little patient, save up the money and then go for your dreambag instead of getting a surrogate which, from my experience, always has this "I was bought because my owner didn`t get the thing he really wanted"-feel to it, no matter how gorgeous it is on its own!
  5. ^^ Great advice C_24 - I totally agree
  6. i guess you r right. I like fashion and stuff but I need functionality, as I already have plenty of bags that I don't use that much. the other thing is that it just wasn't my time for the veneta bec otherwise I would have paid the really low bin price. I guess I am just annoyed for not putting in an offer and trying to compensate. usually not the best route for a purchase...
  7. That's such a cute envelope/ clutch looking bag!

    What is the size like? The pics shows it to have some depth, which would be amazing for a laptop bag!

    With that said however, I'm along with the rest, and that you should save up and get the Veneta in Noce since that's what you're really hankering after. :yes:
  8. ^ i doubt it can hold a laptop but it was thinking to use it for work papers. the thing is just whether it will annoy me that I can't put it over my shoulder. still thinking about it though...

    I had a few other contenders but one by one they are eliminated. it is between this now and a shirt I really want.... hm, will I get both... hm?? (haha)
  9. How big is it? Photos can look deceiving!!! Once you know the size it will be easier to make a decision.
    I would not settle for anything less than what i 100% wanted. Hang on in there ,you will def get your dream bag:heart:its worth the wait
  10. ^ yep bec at the moment the colour of choice is changing. moving away from noce to ebano - still want something in noce but not sure about the veneta... anyway we will see.

    the portfolio really is rather large - i saw it in comparison to a pair of shoes and it did come up large. still thinking about it...
  11. Although that clutch is beautiful, I agree that you should wait for your dream bag. I'm not good at 'substituting', so I know I will have to have what I really want at the end :p

    The style is also very different (shoulder vs hand). For me I would be too scared to have a clutch in a lighter colour - I'll be too paranoid about dirt...

    Sounds like you in between Noce and Ebano - would a small accessory in Noce satisfy your craving? And then you could get a bag in Ebano... :idea: