need some opinions/tips

  1. not sure this the right place to ask..

    My daughter keeps losing her drink bottle at school. I normally bought her Tupperware kids drink bottle and she lose 3 already in past few mnths (even thought she had name tag/sticker on it).
    Is any way to engraved her name on the bottle(its plastic) without damage it?
  2. I'm not sure if you can engrave it yourself..but have you googled cups with children names on it I think there is somewhere you can buy them with names on them.
  3. google and found this 'engraved it' pen. just ordered.


  4. I think you have bigger problem than just labeling her bottle. First of all, does she even care whether she has a drink bottle or not? If she doesn't care, stop replacing it. If she gets thirsty, she can drink out of the water fountain. If she does care, you need to figure out a way to get her invested in being responsible for her own bottle. If it was my DS (10 years old) I would take him to the store and let him pick out the bottle he wanted. But then he would have to earn it. This can be chores, or reading books, or using birthday money, etc. If he lost the bottle, I would ask him how he planned on replacing it. I highly recommend any Love & Logic books. They are really good at showing you how to express love but still teach your kids how to be responsible. No yelling or threats, just empathy and letting them suffer natural consequences. If you continue to lose something, you either go without it, or you figure out how to replace it. And Mommy or Daddy just buying a new one isn't the solution.
  5. That is amazing advice! I don't have children but something tells me I will be buying a few copies of this book and giving them out at baby showers.
    OP, sorry to hijack your thread.
    You could switch her water bottle to stainless steel and have her name etched on the side - as big or small as you like.
  6. Great advice k2sealer . Agreed with you that "responsible & consequences" is the key in this. Told DD that she have to pay for a new bottle (out of her pocket money) or just drink from bubbler (which she doesn't like). Raising kids is hardest job IMO:p

  7. Even if you engrave it, its sounds like she will keep leaving them at school. I had this problem too. My daughter kept loosing her entire lunch bag last year so now she gets to carry a bag that says the name of the study I work for. Not cute but its a lunch bag. What boggles my mind is how any parent allows their child to come home with things that they know doesn't belong to them, lunch bags, water bottles, sweaters with name labels of another child :confused1:
  8. it's true that she'll losing it later but hope that with engraved all her lunch box stuffs will make kids/parent returning it otherwise the name is there & cant used it..

  9. Happens usually in childhood. Even after penning down the bottle may get lost.