Need some opinions on these two pouches


Which pouch?

  1. Hamptons Signature Stripe Pouch in Brown/Brown/Chestnut

  2. Gallery Patchwork Pouch

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  1. Just toying with the idea of buying a pouch just for use on Sundays (like at Church) or days when I don't need to bring everything I regularly stuff in my bag. I am liking both of these but which one do you think would be more versatile as far as pairing it with a lot of different fall colored clothes? in Brown/Brown chestnut
  2. I definitely prefer the first one. It'll go with a lot more things because it's not so loud. It'd be something to take to a nice, elegant dinner as well as Church. I'm not a fan of this new patchwork...
  3. Another vote for the Hamptons! I loooove it! It's so pretty.
  4. I like the first one. It looks simple and would go with more outfits.
  5. i prefer the first one...i'm not a fan of any of the patchworks
  6. I like the hamptons one!
  7. The first one! I love the brown!
  8. Yup, the Hamptons gets my vote too. It's adorable.
  9. The Hamptons for sure.
  10. Wow, looks like it's the Hamptons for me. If only the wallet wasn't so pricey, I'd go for a Hamptons wallet, too. I think the latter is so beautiful.
  11. are you going to hate me if i say neither? *hides* i guess i prefer the demi shape more. i have a pouch, and it's so difficult to wear on your shoulder. and i'm a tiny 5'2'' 100 lbs girl! the demi is not as tall as the pouch, demi is longer, and can fit comfortably under your shoulder. but that's just my opinion.

    regarding style, definitely the hamptons. it'll go with more of your wardrobe. plus, the patchwork is more of a seasonal trend. by next summer, there will be a new patchwork and you may not wear this winter patchwork as much. i remember when the holiday patchwork first came out a couple winters ago. it was a dark purple style, and i was so in love with it that i was going to purchase it. but then i held off, i forgot why. maybe i didn't have the money. now that i look back, i'm so glad that i didn't get it.

    which hamptons do you like? the brown or bordeaux?
  12. I like the brown more. But I must say right now, I'm getting confused as to what I really like. Last week, I was so obsessed with the small Bleecker flap signature hobo until I decided I could go with a smaller bag for Sundays and saw these two. Now I am having second thoughts. I am guessing if i let one more week pass, I'll probably save myself money and end up not buying anything at all!:graucho: