Need some opinions on these two outerwears...

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  1. The first one is from Talbots and the second is from Delias. I'm petite (4'11") and 98 lbs and mid-40s. I'm looking for something to go with casual jeans (my current fleece jacket from LE is too sporty) so I'll look a little bit more tailored when I shop:yes:. Which do you think?
    Talbots.JPG delias.JPG
  2. Maybe you should look at Anny Taylor online or something else for a coat similar to the Delia's one but better quality
    Personally I'm not a fan of toggle coats
    I think Banana Republic has some?
  3. I like the style of the Delia's one better - it's more "contemporary" and versatile (seems like you could dress it up or down) but I agree with snoopylaughs, Delia's is not exactly high-quality/long-lasting stuff. Even Gap or Ann Taylor Loft (in addition to Banana and Ann Taylor) might have some more options?
  4. the belted look is way cute and the cut of the Talbot's one may cut you off and make you look shorter?
    I wouldn't get anything from Delia's though, I used to shop there when I was 13 (11 years ago) and their clothes are not great quality.

    I'll echo everyone above: Ann Taylor for petites, Gap or even Old Navy if you want a cheaper wool coat that will still last.