Need some opinions on these 2 black bags (Spade, Coach)

  1. I'm looking for a quality lightweight leather with topstitching and I just need some opinions on these two bags. I know I've been posting about the Kate Spade black bag but I had to be sure I exhaust all possible choices that I might like before deciding so bear with me.;) Here are the pics. The first one is a Coach Chelsea and the other last two are Kate Spade Flat Serena. Thanks!
    Coach.JPG Kate spade1.jpg
  2. I say the Coach. I have Chelsea bag (satchel) and the leather wears like Iron. It's great in the rain and resists scratching. I love it.
    Plus I like that you can wear this one with blacks or browns. It's surprisingly versatile.
  3. I would say the Coach as well...very durable
  4. both leathers are great. you see everyone with the coach, and not too many people with the kate, so i vote for the spade :tup:
  5. I like the coach one best!
  6. i vote for this one

    at least it had depth so when u put some stuffs it won't bulk like the flat one on the right would be
  7. Not a fan of the extra hardware on the Coach but I do love that leather. 4" is just the right depth for a shoulder bag, KS is a good size. I vote Kate Spade!
  8. I vote for Kate Spade!
  9. Kate Spade!
  10. i vote for the coach
  11. I vote for the Kate Spade. I Love her bags.
  12. I like the Kate Spade.
  13. Ks!
  14. The leathers are usually better on the Coach bag, but my concern is its heaviness...I'm torn. If you're expecting it to last, get the Coach.
  15. Yeah, I'm quite concerned about the heaviness. It's been a while since I've carried a really comfy lightweight bag for everyday use. If the KS doesn't hold for long, I guess that's okay, that would be a good excuse to buy a new bag, right?:yes: