Need some opinions. I just received a new

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  1. Ml from saks and there is no authenticity card. I am really unhappy about this. What do u think?

    I also noticed this unusual stitching on the chain but I am unsure if this is the norm. I haven't seen this before on a Chanel chain.

    ? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391216636.461752.jpg
  2. no authenticity card? I would return.
  3. I just checked my jumbo and the stitching is the same so that makes me feel better.
  4. I must agree w SDbaby, ask or return the bag without the authenticity card. From what I know from my SA, they need the card when ringing up the purchase
  5. That seems odd that you didn't get a card, I would return it to be on the safe side and buy a bag that does come with one.
  6. just return it back. I'm sure you will get another one soon with all right stuff.
  7. Stitches look ok but without the card bothers me!
  8. It should come with a card! Do return it for another one!
  9. I also suggest returning it for the card
  10. never purchase a new handbag (and used) without an authenticity will have issues if you ever decide to sell it!!!
  11. The stitching is ok. Have you look at the book that it came with? There's a place in the book now for the card and the tag. That's where my recent purchases from saks put the card and tag.
  12. Stitching is great, my Maxi is the same but you def need a authenticity card (esp from Saks)!!!
  13. Oh that's a good point. Some SA's do open the booklets and put the card in there while packing.

    OP - If you can't find the card, tell your SA & exchange.
  14. The card was in the booklet. Thank u for the advice. I am so used to it being in the flap I don't even think of it being there. Ok now I am happy. I really did not want to start returning. Just want to enjoy it :smile:
  15. Glad that you found it!