Need some opinions and recs: LONG!

  1. Ok, the long pre-story:
    So last night I am leaving work at 630, just a hair later than Id go normally. Walking to the train to meet DH for the Hockey Game. As I walk out of my building I am walking towards the train right and what happens RIGHT in front of me? Two women get their purses snatched VIOLENTLY. I saw the two men that did it CLEAR AS DAY, and I like a MORON ran after them while calling 911. I didn't manage to get their plates but I did help. I called the cops, stayed while they came, and stayed to speak to detectives (who cared enough to drive me to the game!!!). The women are both not from here, one from Germany, and unfortunately both lost their plane tix and their passports, cells, everything. The one was freakin ignorantly mean, and yes I realize she was upset but she was seriously a raging *****. I almost left 2 times and one of the woman cops who came was clearly ready to punch her.

    I stayed anyway to give statements and all, even though at least 10 other folks ran like hell the other directions. I was almost late to the game and DH was freaked out but wow. I sent myself 10 texts to give a fair explanation just in case Im needed later. I really think I could ID at least one right out of the gate, as he resembled one of my brother's friends only shorter (by like a foot!)

    What freaks me out is that I got stopped in my building buy a cute little family lookin for the entrance to the restaurant in my building and stopped to help--3 seconds. 3 seconds that prevented ME from being robbed.

    Sorry for the graphic novel but it's helpful. SO ANYWAY....

    I have been looking for a nice high-end new bag for a while now anyway and have had little luck really finding something I love enough to buy. So now that necessity (moreso than what I really actually WANT) is dictating something that is close to the body and perhaps CROSS BODY so I can wear it nicely under my coat/jacket, I want a good rec for something that will fit lots but not be massively huge or too long, even though I have a trench that stops at my knees, and the other is hiplength. My current bag is a great bag, I love it, and I guess Ill use it during the week and then carry my other one during the off time and as my traveling carryon or whatever.

    I thought perhaps a coaches like the below.




    ~Prefer higher end

    ~Definitely be leather, prefer brown/camel/whiskey or burgundy or somethign to that effect colorwise, and roomy enough for a larger wallet, treo cell phone and "square" makeup bag and my keys without being bulky.

    ~If possible, minimal metal on the handles, clasps, body of bag.

    ~no more than about $450-$500 which is the extend I can weasel ;)

    THANK YOU. Sorry for the long-a$$ post!
  2. OK, NOW I understand your recommendation of wearing a bag under the coat... but... this won't solve all problems. You don't wear a coat year round do you? Unless you wear all your bags cross body, they can snatch your bag.

    I have found VERY few bags I personally can wear cross body, but then I'm plus sized and chesty.

    One that you might want to look into is the Rafe Kate bags. The straps are adjustable so that you can tuck them under your arm or wear it cross body if you are smaller. I can't wear it cross body, but I know others who can and do.

    I'll be curious to see what you find for cross body. So far the pics you are showing look like typical hobos that tuck under the shoulder arm.
  3. I too am plus size and VERY chesty so I know how you feel. I debated one of those little Coach ones to wear where I fit a small pouch with money etc and then my phone and keys for day at work then a regular coach for every other day. I figured that might go over the boobahs comfortably.


    my DH wants me to get a fanny pack! haha
  4. I should make you my buddy then, because there are too many twigs here and I can't see how a bag would work for ME. Have you had any carly bags before? I've never heard of that brand, but that bag is similar in style to the bag I'm lusting after.

    Well... I suppose a fanny pack would be hard to steal, I'm getting a visual of someone trying that! Plus, plus size and fanny packs are an extra problem.

    I find I have problems with cross body because of so many factors. First, I'm built large (I'm 5'6" tall and the doctors have always said that for my build and height I should weigh 160ish.). I currently wear a size 20 (at smallest I'm a 14, but it's been a LOOOOONG time since I saw that size!) and cup size is a G! So, big build, overweight, and big ta-tas... not a good combo for purse wearing!
  5. You are about my size and my height!! Im a 16ish and my cups a G too! You can definitely be my buddy :smile:

    All of the bags I just posted are Coach, the Carly line I guess. I just knew they had stuff that fit this bill but I was hoping I was overlooking other key brands before I just swooped in on Coach. And my aunt is a Preferred Customer so she's able to get me deals :smile:
  6. I didn't get the impression in-store that the carly would work well for cross body usage, but I didn't try it on. Does it come with a longer strap?

    How big of a bag are you wanting? You might want to check out the kooba site:

    I like the gretchen:

  7. Hi that's a cute bag!

    I normally don't really prefer medium size "flatter" bags but in this instance Im leaning that way mainly bec they smash against my body better.
  8. Anyone else have any ideas?
  9. Hi there! BERRYBLONDEBOYS and I both love the Rafe Kate Wooster Hobo in Charcoal, and I finally got one. What is really nice about it, is that the strap is adjustable and really long at its longest point, and I can easily do it crossbody. Also, if you couldn't do it crossbody, it lays really nice and flat under your arm because the leather is so soft and squishy. I got it on with an extra 10% off it came to $391.50 free shipping/ no tax, and I really love the super soft leather. It comes in light brown, bordeaux, and charcoal. The charcoal (top pic) is what I bought and it is black and grey. Also, the hardware is not shiny as pix show, it is antique brass and very muted. Here are some pix:
  10. Oh, wait, I have more!
    I just found these on
    Dylan Double Pocket Messenger on sale for only $232.50!!!
    This states in the listing it can be worn crossbody, this anthracite one is awesome, but it also comes in beige.
    Below is a pic of Vanessa Manillo wearing this exact bag crossbody.
    These are beautiful! Their website has lots of sales.
    Good luck and let us know what you pick!!