Need Some Info!!

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  1. I have a few Tokidoki bags and was recently at the outlet in NY on vacation I got some good stuff there I was very happy, I have been reading the threads on this board about the Amore coming out so I went to my local LeSportsSac store in my local mall and they have alot of Pirata so I asked the sales woman and she told me there was not another style coming out until fall and what they had was it for the spring and summer of 2007. Is it they are not getting the new one or they just dont know and I should try to find a different store? It is very frustrating :sad:
  2. Lesportsac stores and their website will not be carrying the amore print. Only department stores like Macys and Nordstrom. You can preorder with too.
  3. Ok, so they will be getting the fall prints? I guess that's good.
  4. No, spiaggia is the summer print.
  5. Thanks For The Info
  6. Huh? You talkin' to me. Cuz she said the lady told her there wasn't another style coming ou until fall so that means they will be getting the fall prints.
  7. You had made another post and said amore was the summer print. I was trying to clarify and say that spiaggia was the summer print. I think you edited the post. I noticed it was different after I posted what I said about the spiaggia. Maybe I'm wrong?

    All I know anything about is the amore since I had emailed Lesportsac. I don't know whether Spiaggia will be available in Lesportsac stores or not.
  8. Ohhh, yeah I edited it. :rolleyes: That was a slow moment. lol
  9. I was like oh no I hope I didn't upset her because I didn't mean to. Glad were cool!
  10. Thank you for all of the help I just called pulse and preordered my Amore. Thanks:smile: :yahoo:
  11. That's weird lesportsac isn't carrying amore... Is there a reason, did they say why?
  12. No, they didn't give me a reason. In fact I had to clarify my first email to them as if it wasn't clear enough. I find it very strange as well. I just don't get it! :shrugs:
  13. I know UO stopped carrying the bags because they said they were poor sellers and someone the other day mentioned that Macys had the same response. Maybe not making them so widely available will make them a little more exclusive and rare and help out Macys and whom ever else feels that they are selling poorly. Now a days everything is about money so I'm sure that some type of strategy exists behind Lesportsac's maddness.
  14. I think for the most part they sell well in only certain parts of the country. I have NEVER seen anyone carrying a toki EVER around here. And the SAs at the local Macy's were the ones that told me they didn't sell. And that Macy's also had a TON of bags all on sale when I bought my first one. I don't think anything sold at retail. When I was talking to the SA last week she said people look at them but then buy the rgular LeSportsac stuff instead she say she can't keep that in stock!
  15. oops duplicate post! removing the second one!