Need some ideas

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  1. Hi. I'm looking to get a new bag but just don't know what. I was looking at a Burberry but I think I want to stick with Louis. I have about 1500.00 possibly a couple hundred more. Selling a couple things. I'm looking for something with handles and a strap since I need to be hands free. Having a baby in Aug. ☺. Not looking for a diaper bag but it will be my daily bag. I was thinking of the Speedy B 25 in DE but already have an Empriente Speedy and a Monogram Seedy B 25. I'd love leather but it might be over budget, so thinking of something in DE maybe. Don't want to worry about vachetta. I would love any suggestions.
    Thank you so much. ☺
    Also I don't carry a lot so it doesn't need to be a big bag. Maybe even in Epi.
  2. Alma BB in DE or Epi?
  3. I find myself using my DE bags most of the time since I had my little girl (who is now one). There is always something gross to worry about with a baby and carefree DE makes life easier :smile:
  4. I love my DE speedies. If you don't want another Speedy, then what about the Sienna?
  5. My daily bag/diaper bag is my NF GM right now. But when I first had the baby, I used a Marc Jacobs diaper bag along with a Speedy B 35 DE so I could keep my hands free.
  6. Just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. 😊
  7. Second this idea!
  8. I have two Speedy's, and recently got a Speedy B. It's honestly like a different bag! If you're near a store, put your things in it and try it on. :smile:
  9. I like the Delightful, it's light and easy and big enough. Pretty worry free bag
  10. I love my speedy b 30 in de. Carefree and hand free. I would also suggest pochette Metis.
  11. Oh I just got my first alma bb and its in epi and I highly recommend it!!! Definitely check it out :smile: and congrats!! I use a little pottery barn backpack with my kid stuff in it just to keep in the car/stroller when I use small bags.
  12. Thank you again . What about the Epi Petit Noe?
  13. Pochette Metis? Very little vachetta
  14. Siena or Alma BB in epi or DE
  15. To be honest, I wouldn't buy anything until I knew that I wanted it for sure. But if you Are set on buying something, let Me give you My recommendations as a fellow mother. :smile: I had two children back to back and my favorite style is a small crossbody bag like a Woc. You can toss all that heavy baby stuff in a seperate diaper bag and put it in the stroller's basket. This way you can still have a nice outfit, easy access to your own stuff and feel light as a feather. It will also be practical to have a crossbody as you will be bending up and down a lot. Good luck with choosing your next bag!