Need some ideas on how to wear this...

  1. I would love some ideas on how to wear a lot of the fuller on top styles like the shrunken blazer, trapeez tops, mod dresses. The problem is I'm top heavy so I'm wondering how other busty gals are adapting this look to suit their figures... any ideas? I hate to run from this trend completely.
  2. Coming from a bustier girl, I kinda don't think it is possible.(Someone prove me wrong!) After the chest part, the fabric just seems to kind of stick out and make your midsection look bigger. Bummer though because some of those styles are so cute!
  3. Luckily the volume thing isn't that hot anymore for fall :smile: More streamlined silouettes are IN, and good news is they suit bustier girls too!
  4. I have to agree with the just doesn't work very well if you have too much more than an average bustline.

    I tried on a trapeze style dress and also a top last weekend, and it was ridiculous. In order for the bust to fit right, I had to go up a size, but then, every single customer in the darn store could have taken cover under the yards of material that made up the rest of the dress. Unbelievable.

    I have been able to find some empire waist tops/dresses that I can make work, but this trapeze fad has got to go. Trapeze indeed....certainly looked like a circus tent on me. :tdown:
  5. Aw, I've actually had a bit of luck with that style! I just got a cute trapeeze top from old navy for like, $10. I'm super busty (high-DDs!) so I just try and be very selective about what I'm getting. I try not to let the tops hit below my hips and I wear my skinny jeans.

    Shrunken blazers look ridiculous though...
  6. if your big on top this trend you might have to pass just doesn't work on d or bigger chest...i have seen some girls on the street and im sure they THINK they pulled off the look but i wouldn't be suprised if they ended up in the don't style of glamour magazine
  7. I was thinking I would have to pass... but you never know what someone else will come up with when given the same pieces to make up an outfit.

    Has anyone tried doing the styles without too much volume and streamlining it with a belt?
  8. It all depends on proportions. I've seen top heavy girls pull the look off and I have seen top heavy girls look atrocious. It's disingenuous to say that it doesn't work on a d or bigger chest. That's like saying that skinnies don't work on anyone bigger than a size 4. It might take longer for the 4 + girl to find skinnies that look amazing, but that doesn't mean they can't wear it.

    If I'm not mistaken several magazines (InStyle, Lucky, Glamour, etc..) have even given tips on this trend for us ladies with the big ta-tas.

    It's frustrating but if you invest the time it is a wearable trend.