Need some ideas..on buying for a new baby

  1. well my best friend just had her baby BOY 2 months early so I thought I would have more time trying to buy her somehthing... I want to buy her something blue and Coach .. I know coach has a lot of cute baby stuff in blue.. any ideas would be great thanks.
  2. I thought this heritage diaper bag came in blue to??

  3. it does.. and they rock BTW

    she would LOVE that diaper bag.. Well.. I love mine :smile:
  4. Yup I think the heritage diaper bag would be perfect...I saw it and it was perfect I am thinking that I should get it for my cousin who is having a girl in the spring :smile:
  5. I attach my wristlets to my diaper bag so maybe a cute heritage wristlet so that it will wipe clean. Hope her baby is doing well !
  6. I think that is a PERFECT gift!!!!!!!! I would have LOVED a diaper bag like that when I had my son!!!!! or my daughter!!!!!! GREAT gift!!! She will love it!!!
  7. It does come in blue! I saw it at the boutique last night and it is so pretty! That would be a perfect gift! :tup:

  8. anyone have pics of the blue bag?
  9. is it baby blue or navy blue...not that it matters!!! the bag is GORGEOUS regardless what color!!!! What a lucky new mom to have such a great friendl like you!!!!

  10. It's baby blue... I still want to know why it's not on the website with the new stuff because it is in the stores.

    I have the brown one and I love it because it will go with anything!
  11. It is baby blue with a slight grey undertone - VERY pretty!

  12. thanks.. do u all want to see a picture of her baby hes still in the hospital.
  13. I love pics of new babies. I hope he is doing well!
  14. pictures please :smile:
  15. ok here is some info..
    his name is Taelon He came two months early and he weighs 2 lbs and 12oz he is 15 1/2 inches

    I am not sure what happened for sure why she had him 2 months early she is supposed to give me a call today she is so tired

    here is the baby boy..