Need some ideas for a gift for a guy friend...

  1. im moving away, and i wanna get him a wee gift so he can remember me, but i dunno what to get him...? I mean we're more than friends, but not exclusive, so any ideas would really be great. He's a rugby player if that helps any xx
  2. What about making him a photo collage of the two of you?
  3. I would get him something that lasts. Maybe a designer pen or wallet?
  4. how much is ur budget? a wallet is good...if he uses it he will always remember u ^^
  5. A wallet with a picture of you two.

    ..and maybe a hidden pic of you minus a few items of clothing??? ;)
  6. ^^^^ :roflmfao: Succinctly put Charles and as usual totally honest.
  7. Hey, just curious...if your username from Rocky Horror?
  8. tri-fold - reference to Rocky Horror, as well as the dictionary meaning as well as as bit of play on words as I'm in the RAF.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Cool. My gf is performing in a local live version of Rocky Horror.

    ..and I'm totally serious about the sexy pic.
  11. Maybe a shirt of a favorite rugby player?

    A collage of pictures or one in a frame?
  12. I like the rugby player shirt idea. ^^

    Also a nice photo of the two of you in a good frame.
  13. So this is OT but your doggie is adorable! :nuts: