need some idea on travelling with birkin

  1. I will be taking my birkin 35 on flight next week. I remember i read some idea here about putting it in a longchamp bag.. just wonder what size of longchamp bag will fit a birkin 35?? and any other smart idea?

  2. I ran into the same situation a couple of weeks ago when traveling with my 30cm Birkin. An inexpensive travel tote worked nicely and I was able to place a couple of magazines in as well. No more worrying through security or when placing in under the seat. My Birkin was very well protected.:heart:
  3. I just received my Longchamp pliage, large size, with long handles and I love it! It would definitely fit a 35cm Birkin. I'm using it as my carry on to hold all of my clothes and "stuff" for two and three day business trips. It is very lightweight and roomy.
  4. I remeber reading that gina_b custom ordered a large Longchamp Pliage from their online store: Longchamp

    To quote Gina:

  5. I found Gina's pics (in the Member's Hermes Items thread) of her 35cm Birkin inside the large (custom ordered) Longchamp Pliage:

    birkin048.jpg birkin049.jpg
  6. I use a Muji expandable bag, which comes in a small pouch.
  7. oh will Muji bag fit??

    i bought the XL longchamp bag today anyway.. I suppose to go for the Large size but they have baby blue color is XL size with 50% off.. i cant beat the low price.. so i go for the bigger size..
  8. C'mon gals, why hide your prize? It's not a Ming vase, it's a handbag, and handbags were meant to show some wear.
  9. ^^ Because we've all heard of certain things happening during air travel (vomit, fish stains, grease stains, etc) accidentally getting on people's belongings during security checks and during the flight. Better to arrive at your destination with a fresh bag and no stress.
  10. S, I have the exact Longchamp LP bag which I also bought at a deep discount so very many years ago. Although it has short handles, they fit perfectly over my shoulder. I can fit a Birkin 30, Kelly and my Evelyne. I often travel like this when I'm overseas.
  11. I know numerous people have told us that a longchamp XL bag works well for a 35 birkin during travel.

    will the XL bag work for the 40cm birkin too? I have a 40cm that I am looking to travel with. any ideas on what I can use to protect it? thanks