need some hostess gift ideas

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  1. My family will stay with my brother for a few days this summer, and I can't figure out a hostess gift. They don't expect one, and my brother will roll his eyes in annoyance, but I'd want to bring one.

  2. When my grandfather passed several years ago I stayed with my aunt (that I haven't seen since) and I brought her a basket with nice preserves and flavored teas. It wasn't very over the top and she really appreciated it.

    And you can tell your brother if he :rolleyes: he can't have any haha
  3. That sounds really nice, Voo. I could put it together myself with locally made items. Thanks! I think I'll do this, but would still love other ideas.

    (BTW: I wish a handbag for sil would count ;) )
  4. ^^That would count for me!!!!!!!!! :nuts: hehe
  5. Three words - two names. Harry & David. They make awesome gourmet food and can do up custom gift baskets for you!

    My bridal shower is on Sunday and I bought two beautiful towers of fruits/crackers, etc. for the two hostesses.
  6. edible arrangements. i'm addicted to those! but i feel that any food would work :P
  7. Do you and your brother live in different states? Whenever I visit someone out of state, I like to bring (mostly food) items that are only available in my area, or that we're known for. I live in Wisconsin, so that means cheeses, an assortment of microbrews, Racine Kringles, Door County dried cherries, etc. This is especially nostalgic for people that grew up here and have since moved away. And no one can fault you for bringing food gifts, because everyone will enjoy them while you're staying!
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    I would give a live, potted plant that isn't high maintenance, and has a good chance of thriving.
    The container should be nice too.
  9. Candles are good.
  10. Candles are always nice. Also how about a fruit basket?
  11. I like the local idea...but I live in Michigan. We got cars. ;) I could do a basket of stuff...candles, a nice kitchen towel or two, jams/jellies, and a local candy company. What do you all think?
  12. My cousin just spent a weekend with us. She brought stuff from her home state. I loved it. Chocolates, candles, and toys for the kids. Definitely take stuff for the kids if they have kids.
  13. I always think that something homemade is always wonderful.. granola, jam,

    cookies or something that you know your hostess particularly likes.. there are some

    wonderful cookbooks and a nice beauty basket is always fun.. bath salts, body lotion,

    candle.. you will come up with something
  14. Sil has a dd. I have a gift for her. Yes, thankyou.

    She is our one and only niece (both sides) and always gets something when we arrive...and at random times throughout the year. She joined the family at 10, so I have YEARS of spoiling to make up for ;)
  15. An assortment of teas/coffees, or guest towels in a neutral color, stationery, votive candles. that plus a handwritten bread and butter note when you leave is priceless!