Need some homework help!! Any Flight Attendants on here?

  1. Well, I'm in a travel and tourism class at my local college and I'm being required to do an interview with someone in a profession that I would like to pursue.

    Well, I'd really like to be a flight attendant, but, it's going to be impossible to find someone in that field to do an interview on, it's not like I can stroll into my local airport and ask a couple of questions to anyone kwim?

    So I was wondering if one of you wonderful ladies (or gentlemen!!) would be willing to answer a couple of questions for me?

    These are the questions that I'm being require to ask:
    1. What is your name, organization and position?
    2. Describe your job duties and responsibilities.
    3. What are the special benefits derived from your job?
    4. What is a salary range for a beginning person?
    5. What are some of the most fulfilling aspects of your job?
    6. Are there any negative aspects of your job?
    7. What are the approximate work hours of a typical day or week?
    8. What kind of training or preparation work did you undertake for you position?
    9. Describe some of the professional organizations in which you are involved.
    10. What kind of legislative issues are currently affecting you in your work?
    11. Please describe a typical day.
    12. What are the necessary skills for this position?
    13. Describe some future prospects for growth in the field.
    14. What other positions have you had in the travel industry?
    If anyone would be willing to do this please PM me, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you! :yes: