Need some Hermes help -

  1. I can't find a thread about the interpretation of blindstamps (yes, I looked). Here is a picture of the blindstamp on my Trim - I inherited it from an aunt and don't know anything about the provenance.

    In case the picture isn't very clear, the letter is a P and there is a C in a square.

    If anyone out there can shed some light on it, I'd be grateful! TIA! :flowers:
  2. Funnyredhead, the bag is from 1999. How nice to have a Bolide to remember your aunt by.
  3. P is the craftsman, C in a square is the year. We are now J in a square, so just count back!:flowers: (1999)
  4. See - I KNEW that I could count on this group! Now I finally have that straight! Thanks, Avan!
  5. I have a black Hermes Trim bag with no gussets on the bottom. It is old but in great shape. The wierd thing is that it has a blindstamp of "1"....or maybe a horse head...It's hard to tell but I took it to Hermes in Beverly Hills & they said it was made out of the right material, the stitching has the right measurements & that blindstamp is an authentic one. The clasp on the front has a "4" stamped into the metal on the side as well. When was "1" made & what does "4" mean? THANKS FOR ANY INFO!!!! :smile:
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