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  1. i'm looking for an awesome smaller wallet that would fit into a mini MAC that also has alot of card slots, I normally used a long wallet because I like the 'thin-ness' of them.
    I don't want a castanza wallet!
    PLease help me :smile:
  2. What's you're price range? Louis Vuitton has some nice and slim wallets.
  3. i was hoping to spend less than 200,
    i love the LV line but its a little out of my price range unfortunately :sad:
  4. My MK has a Ron of slots and is a nice slim long wallet. Hth
  5. Kate Spade has a very thin long wallet for about $100.
  6. I want to mention that the Stacey's aren't as thin as they appear. The other ones, such as the Lacey, would probably be better.

    Are you looking for a bifold, zip? I recommend Kate Spade completely, I love their wallets. Just not the Stacey unless you plan on traveling light with your Mini MAC lol. Their zip ones have lots of card space and room without being too bulky. I wish it had the compactness as LV does, that's what I was striving for when I got my KS wallet, which is why I mentioned it.

    For mine I use a small Fossil wallet, or my Vera Bradely one (which they discontinued years ago).

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  7. I recently got the Coach Legacy Leather Soft Wallet which is 118 USD. I simply love it!
  8. Step 1 in avoiding Costanza wallet is to reevaluate everything that you carry in your wallet. Carry only the credit and bank cards you really need, consolidate loyalty cards onto your phone or a 6-in-1 card, consider leaving cards you use only rarely like library cards or insurance debit cards in a separate wallet you keep at home. Instead of a checkbook, tear out 1 or 2 checks and keep them with your bills. And no hard candy in the wallet :lol:

    Then, whatever wallet you choose, double up on cards within each card slot. The reason is that card slots themselves make the wallet bulky because there is an extra layer of leather or fabric for each slot. If you can get by with a wallet with only 6 slots you will save a lot of room even if you put 12 cards in total. Love this one.