need some help!

hi all,
i know that this is an all too familiar scenario with us "coachies"! i love the madison gathered leather and yes, i know that right now i can use my pce, HOWEVER, i am on a ban until february and there's no way i can break the ban by saying that i'd save over 150 dollars,, here's my any of you know what gathered madisons there are going to be coming out in the near future? i'm all set to buy in february, but, i want to know what's out there so that i can start to focus!!! any help would be appreciated...i also love the inlaid bags, but, love the gathered madisons the best...


May 10, 2010
I don't want to be an enabler!!
I know that every time I pass up on a good deal I usually regret it.
I also know that every time I say that I won't buy anymore, I usually do.
I know this isn't any help to you, sorry!


Feb 4, 2011
I think that if you love the Capp color, then you should go for it, because the gathereds are all limited editions (at least, according to the website), so by the time you are ready to buy in Feb, the Capp may be gone. I will add that I faced the same decision, only with the gathered Sophia in graphite, which to me seemed the perfect dark gray, more so than any of the dark grays that Coach has released over the past several years. I wasn't exactly on a ban, but I hadn't bought any Coach since this summer. But the graphite Sophia is now mine, and I am thrilled with her!

Jersey Girl

Sep 26, 2010
OR, should i really bite the bullet, get the gathered capp (598 minus 25%) and not get anything else until the summer?
I just bought the gathered sophia in cappuccino. I love this color so much! It goes with everything and I can use this color year round! I think this color is worth breaking your ban for!
I think the next gathered bags will be tuberose and I believe I saw a dd of a gathered Sophia in brown. Good luck with your descision!
argh! i'm going down to florida in february and think i need to wait until then...if i buy the bag now, then i'll have zero spending money when i'm down there and i'm sure that there will be some gathered bags in florida in february...i just don't want to do something in haste and then have no options in a couple of months...does that make sense?