Need some help!

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  1. First time on the site and first i hope i am doing this right! have my first kooba bag, the cameron in gold dust...AM LOVIN' MY NEW HONEY, but carried it w/dark denim and the blue faded on my bag. now it's dusty gold and light blue. does any one know of a remedy to clean it? or would a professional do better? :pout:
  2. Getting transfer dye out of bags is a tricky thing. Sometimes it works with cleansers and conditioners and sometimes not. But I wouldn't even attempt it with a metallic finish bag for fear of the finish wearing off (which sometimes happens on it's own anyway). A proffessional I think is your only hope but it can be quite expensive. Lovinmybag can probably do it but your looking at maybe 200 bucks :sad:
  3. thank you, lexie2000! if i ever get it back to its original shine, the last thing i will wear is another pair of dark jeans!
  4. I hate when my bag governs what I wear!!! Bummer! Good luck!