Need some help!

  1. Hey guys!

    Right, i've decided I need a new everyday bag, becuase i currently use my Keepall 55. And although i love it and how much it stores, it would be great to have a smaller bag more suited to everyday use.

    Im a bit of an obsessive too, so if i was to get an item in a different pattern (All my LV is in the Monogram Canvas) i would end up buying a new everything to match.

    So im going to stick to the Monogram for now!

    I was thinking getting one of the following :

    Messenger Bosphore (PM or GM, not sure yet!)
    Pochette Bosphore
    Porte-Document Vertical
    Porte-Document Geant

    Ahhhh! Decisions! And at the same time, I'm probably going to purchase a Wapity case, just because they look so handy!

    So what do you think is my best bet for carrying round just my essential items?

    Thanks guys :biggrin:

    EthanJames xox