Need some help


    Hello! I'm new to BV and am hoping to own my very first piece soon. I've tried on some pieces in the boutique and like this shape most. Is this called the ball bag? Does it come in other colours than black/white/brown?

    I'm really liking the purplish/pink colours and I hope I can get it in these colours. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Lyanna,

    Welcome! The Ball does come in Magnolia, Quarzo and Parma (pinks and violet, respectively). Sometimes they pop up on Bluefly, but you might want to contact Ana at the BV web site and she'll help you track one down.

    billbill recently posted a thread with her beautiful new Ball bag in Parma. I think it's called "The Purple/Parma Ball Bag Story" or something close to it, if you want to see pics.
  3. I think I just saw ball bag in limo at bluefly...
  4. i saw a peony ball bag at the bv boutique in sf a couple weeks ago. the same bag was on bluefly within the last month.
  5. It's a classic style and in a seasonal color would be really pretty.
  6. Thank you for your replies!

    I've checked out that thread and the parma colour is really pretty.

    Is bluefly an authorised seller like eluxury?

    I'm glad to know this style is a classic, that means I don't need to be in a mad rush to get it. I'll wait for a nice colour to come out.