Need some help.

  1. How do the east/west and the medium (or is it large? - the size right under the jumbo) compare on how much room is inside? Are they about the same? I have the classic double flap, but never had an east/west.
  2. I realli think East/West bag and the medium flap cant pretty much fit the same things!!! You can check the chanel reference libary to get some idea of the inside part for E/W i beilve there are some picture there you can get a look...!! Or maybe go to the store and try it out ...!!Hope this helps..!!
  3. Hi, I have both and I do find that they can fit about the same thing- however, the east-west is more longer length wise (only by a few cm) and I find that the double flap on my medium takes up extra space. I hope this helps x