need some help with rogue...thanks!

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  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a rogue tomorrow, but, it would mean returning a stella McCartney falabella to do it....I LOVE both bags, but, can only financially do one of them...
    so, I'd love some opinions to help me make the the rogue (the 795.00) heavy? does it fit a lot? what do you love/not love about it....
    thanks in advance for any help/thoughts/advice or opinions!
  2. The medium is a great size and not too heavy. I haven't seen the large yet in person so I can't compare the two. The challenge is picking the color since it comes in so many wonderful shades!
  3. I have the medium oxblood and I love everything about the rouge except that its slightly heavy for me but not a very big issue not to love it. Its a good size everyday bag. I can fit my iphone plus, ipad, iphone ear phones, cosmetic case, small umbrella, coach sunglasses, small wallet (I use small wallet to minimize weight), keys.
  4. The Rogue is real leather unlike the Stella. Personally I think the Rogue is a much better value.
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  5. I know what you mean. I love the look of the Stella but saw the rogue the other day and drooled over it!!
  6. it depends... the resale value for the flabella will be much higher than the rogue most likely down the road, especially if they end up doing an outlet version of the rogue..
  7. if you're worried about resale value before you even buy a bag, IMHO you don't love it enough. The Rogue has wonderful leather, 2 outside suede lined pockets for phone,keys,etc. The medium size holds a lot. It is slightly heavier than I usually like, but at the same time it feels very sturdy because of that. It can be worn 3 ways-short handles, shoulder straps, crossbody. I think it is a good value for the quality.
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  8. The rogue is classy, luxe, extremely functional, buttery soft, well made, and not too heavy. The only problem buying the Rogue is that having just one just won't do. I usually have problems with heavy bags, but this is made so balanced, and the strap is so well designed, it is extremely ergonomic. I do not foresee the outlet having the QUALITY of this leather manufactured on this retail bag. Skip the faux leather. Get the real thing.

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  9. Well...I got the rogue in saddle today, just couldn't resist it! And now I'm on a big time ban. I'd sold some on eBay and in the past 6 months went a little nuts getting a Gucci, LV, Annabel Ingall, Rogue and Stella McCartney. Paying off all the charges and going to enjoy what I have!!!
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