Need some Help with NYC room renting in the summer

  1. Hey guys I'm a 16 year old guy from long island and I am currently taking classes at the Fashion Instsitue of Technology for fashion design. As many of you have seen my designs and such You all know I am the new up and coming designer.....hopefully.:p At F.I.T there are summer classes and they are everyday from 9:30 to 4:30 Mon-Thur from July 9th to the 26th. I've been looking on craigslist but so far nothing. I need help because when ever I Email people and tell them my age and such they always say thats a little young and I never hear from them. I am very responsible and I have the money to pay for rent and anything else like eletric hotwater gas and such. Can anyone help me with the following
    A. Finding a room in NYC
    B. Finding a better website to look for rooms in NYC
    C. Better Emails that would make people think that I'm more then just a 16 year old boy?
    D. Any suggestions Comments advice
    PLEASE people I really need your help!
  2. NYU rents out dorm rooms in the summer. So do the other schools probably. Does the program you're going through not offer any assistance? Its one thing for them to not offer any through their program, but they should be able to give you a few leads or places to consider.
  3. Well they do rent out dorms but you have to live with your parent. Me and my mom, in the same dorm room for three weeks? I could just see the horor now
  4. Have your mom look. No one pays attention to someone who is underage. JMHO.
  5. Did u look in NJ..u can always take a train in to the city
  6. I think you would have to have one of your parents find you an apartment first. I think an owner wouldn't take you seriously even if you did have the means to pay because they probably have reservations about certain things. Best thing is to have your mom or dad vouch for you when you're trying to find a temporary apartment and to have the lease/contract under their name.

    I also recommend finding a place in astoria, queens. It's cheaper than specifically finding a place in the city and it's a quick 2-3 stops away from the city on the subway.

    Good luck.
  7. I agree-I think people would be very leery about renting to a 16 year old. First of all due to the financial obligations and secondly -the legal ones of having somebody underage living in your home without their parents present.

    Good luck.
  8. Your too young,why dont you just take the LIRR everyday?. I have a friend that lives in Garden City,and does that..
  9. ^^I totally agree- I did that for all of my internships, too. Sure, it sucks to wake up that early but it's only for 3 weeks!
  10. Because I dont feel like spending 3 and a half hours on the train everyday it gets annoying and I want the experence of living in the city
  11. As I said in the other post, Its going to be hard because you are sixteen, I am having a hard time finding an aparment to move into with my friend,and im turning 18 in september, I would hold my hat on if I was you. NYC is a safe city,but at yoru age I wouldnt be galavanting around alone .Go get the NYC experience when you go to FIT in your freshman year of college. Where in LI do you live Suffolk or Nassau?. Nassau isnt that that far from NYC, a TON of my teachers live out in Nassau,and they get to my school under a hour. I remember a while ago about you stating you puchased a LV item in Roosevelt Field,that does not take 3 hours.. mayb 40 min on the LIRR.
  12. I live in Sufflok and I drove up there one time. I'm not saying three hours per ride three hours for the whole day there and back. I kind of know the city like the back of my hand so I'm fine with that. I just need to find someone who is willing to let me live in a room they have for rent
  13. Well if it's any consolation, I go to college in Brooklyn although I live in queens. I spend 2 1/2 hours 5 days a week commuting. Trust me, I know it's annoying. And this summer I'll be doing that for 2 months for summer classes and my classes start 7:30 in the morning.

    It's a long shot but I think the best you can do is find someone who is willing to rent out their basement outside of Manhattan. I don't think you'll find any place in the city unless it was a dorm. Sorry I can't be of much help.
  14. ^^Sudy-do you go to Brooklyn College?

    Anyway, back to Marc-i think even finding somebody outside of Manhattan to rent you a room for 3 weeks will be tough. Again, i think people are not going to feel safe having someone under the age of 18 living in their home alone. There must be legal ramifications to that. perhaps, if your mom called people? Tried to make the set ups for you-someone might want some sort of legal document from her stating she is ok'ing this? not sure
  15. You're going to have a hard time b/c unfortunately people automatically assume that a 16 year old will be having wild parties and bringing people over all the time. Are you sure FIT won't let you rent their own dorms for the summer? If you can rent out a dorm for the time it will be so much easier because the room will be furnished. It's going to suck to have to buy a new bed, desk, and drawers for a place you won't be in that long. I did a Google search and found the off-campus housing page for FIT but you need to have a username and password. They may have some listings for the summer, but if they don't then you should call FIT and ask for assistance.