Need some help with Kooba Jillian

  1. I seriously need a lot of help. Why did I ever join this forum??!?!?!?!? Yikes!

    OK, I am looking at a Kooba Jillian on eBay:

    I've been corresponding with the seller, who seems very nice and has 100% positive rating. I asked if she had a receipt. She actually forwarded me the email she received from Activeendeavours. After reading all the horror stories about eBay, I'm still concerned.

    Any advice??? Thank you!
  2. Judie, I have seen a Kooba Jillian in Saks and this looks pretty authentic. The only thing I wonder about is the fact she is an unknown seller and will she send the handbag in the picture to you, or another one.

    Perhaps Lexie2000 will see this thread and give you her two cents on this, she knows much more than I do.

    PM her if she doesn't see this .
  3. It's kinda hard to tell as the pictures are not that good. You're right in saying that Lexie can help with this as she has a Jillian along with an infinite amount of Kooba knowledge.
  4. Judie, if you purchase the bag from AE with the 20% off the bag will be $476 and free shipping. Purchasing the eBay one with the $15 shipping will be $415. The difference is $60, it might be worth your piece of mind PLUS your bag will be brand new. Just something to think about.

    By the way, I just purchased a Siena from Eluxury for a little over $300 (and free shipping). Its brown, so I am going to get the Jillian in black, but I will have to wait a couple of months !!
  5. Thank you ladies! I am not going to purchase the bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag.


    Polos- I'm so happy for you!! Please let me know when you get your bag.
  6. code sorry25 worked yesterday from 25% off at
  7. lol OMG you have been back and forth all day long purchasing the bag and then not purchasing the bag.:supacool:

    Somehow I don't believe you when you say you are not purchasing another bag...:hrmm:
  8. I know, I am nuts! And now with that 25% code taunting me, calling my name.....

    I thank God I have 2 healthy children and my family. I am so damn lucky to be able to stress about a freaking handbag!!
  9. Sooo true, my boyfriend always gives me gried about my 'worries'

    And the 25% off is also calling my name. I haven't received confirmation from eluxury, so if someone else snatched the Siena before me I am definitely going for Ms Jillian :wlae:
  10. I completely agree with the above! You will get a new bag (if you choose to purchase anything), be completely comfortable that your $$$$ went to the real thing and I'm not even sure in the pics on ebay that it doesn't look a little beaten up to me. I was surprised she was asking so much for it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Well, I did very well at work today so I decided to treat myself. I got it at AE. It was $446.25, using the 25% discount.

    I am never, ever, ever coming to this board again!!!!!!!
  12. PS- Thanks to everyone who helped me through this saga. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

    Wait, I am never, ever coming back to this site again!

  13. Aw, come on back. At least let us know how much you adore it and a modeling photo would be even better.
  14. Oh you are coming back.

    Handbags are like ice cream, you never can get enough of a good thing. *s
  15. Guys, I'm serious! I am never, ever coming back!