need some help with final decision!

  1. Oh, in my mind, I am always "in that bind". I self-impose a ban on myself to build moral character, and then it all goes up in flames when I see something that I can't live without.
  2. Great bag! You should deff get it. Post pics when you do!
  3. know what??? that is an AMAZING bag!!! and I just saw it on Taquita and Kaui last night (a new series on MTV...) It's really beautiful...I love its shape!!!
  4. I do Love HH bags but I can't give a total thumbs up for this bag. There was one issue with this bag that ultimately made me sell it. I just want to tell you and maybe it won't affect you at all.
    The 2 outer side compartments are held to the center of the bag with magnets and I found the magnets to be very weak. My side compartments constantly popped open on their own even when I just sat it down.
    Did anyone else have this issue? Maybe I just had loose magnets.
  5. it's cute! If it's the bag you've been wanting, I say get it!
  6. i don't even dare to put myself on a ban LOL
    but if you've wanted this bag for so long, u get that bag, girl...
  7. Ooooh....I don't care for that issue with the side pockets. Some people don't utilize them at all, but I find it handy to put my cell phone or my keys in those pockets, and knowing me.........I can only guess what might happen.
  8. I like it, cute detail :smile: