need some help with dress & shoes

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  1. How do you think this dress will look with these shoes?? Thanks!!

  2. looks nice to me : ) why not try another colour? the colour you have chosen is nice
  3. IMO the dress already has such pretty details that the shoes should be kept simple (although the ones you picked are super cute). I like juu_b's suggestion for adding some color.
  4. looks great! love the dress.. :tup:
    if you want to spice it up a bit, probably you can pair it with a red pumps/heels.. just a thought..
  5. Love the dress a lot but I am only so-so on the shoes. They look fit for a prom or a tea party. Cute but not sophisticated. I think it's the bow that's throwing me off, and that the shoes are too detailed to match the dress. I would pick something either more of a strappy sandal, or just a plain open-toe black pumps.

    I'm also kind of undecided on colorful shoes with black dresses. It looks good sometimes, but then I also think that black just matches better...
  6. Thanks for your opinions! I guess I'll keep looking... =)