Need some help with Chanel J12 pics

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  1. Ladies I need some help. I am being offered a white chanel J12 ladies quartz for a very reasonable price. I want to make sure that it is real so I compared it to as many pictures online as possible and it looks good. BUT

    Can someone who owns this watch (a real one) take a picture of the back of the watch for me. Like what the writing on the back of the watch has to say. Because all the pics of the reverse side of the watch that I have found have been on replica sites... I would really appreciate it, thanks.

    Oh and its a 33mm Ladies quartz. Thanks again.
  2. So no one can help me out with this?
  3. I think you should post the pics of the watch you were sent into the authenticate this chanel thread and see what the ladies say!
  4. I have a real J12 but I'm too lazy to take pics...mine is a I'm not sure if it will have the same backing...but mine says CHANEL at the top...PARIS right under the word CHANEL...then toward the bottom it says a serial number...LX7*9*4...I left out a few numbers and used * to replace...(don't want my serial number floating around)...then at the very bottom...under the serial says AUTOMATIC . SWISS MADE . (a tiny picture of a simply drawn fish-kinda like the jesus fish sign) 200m...meaning it's water resistant up to 200 meters

    and that's everything on the back of my real 38mm diamond bezel white ceramic Chanel J12!!!

    hope that helps you:heart:
  5. actually misschaslyn that is exactly how this one is except it's 33mm so I just want to make sure it would be the same.
  6. All right ladies. Here is a pic of the reverse side. The crossed out part is the serial number... This is a 33mm ladies J12. Am I good to go?

  7. awesome...what's the good deal you're getting on the watch???
  8. Does the watch come with box or paperwork? What does the box and paperwork look like?
  9. so the case is good on this? Watch comes with everything...
  10. I don't know. I don't know how to tell real from fake, but I have a White J12 w/diamond bezel and I thought maybe if I saw the box and paperwork that would help.