Need some help with Burberry boots!

  1. Well these aren't really boots but rain boots... I figured I'd come here cos you ladies are the experts.:rolleyes: I have never bought anything burberry before and I am considering getting some rain boots to keep my feet warm during winter at uni (artritis at 22yrs of age :crybaby:). I already have 5 pairs of leather boots and am considering getting something different and casual.

    I don't know anything about these boots from the Neiman Marcus website. I am considering getting both the grey and pink.

    1. Are they shiny (very obvious layer of plastic)? Or are they non-reflective (thin coating of plastic over fabric)?
    2. Do they look cheap if they are worn casually cos they are rain boots?
    3. How do the sizes run? I'm an AU8 (no idea what that is in US) and my feet measure 24cm long and 9cm wide.
    4. Comfy?

    If anyone had these boots in any colour could you please post some photos? That would help heaps. Thanks in advance ladies... :nuts:
  2. I just got the natural multi rainboots a couple of days ago. I was disappointed because it really looks like this

    i thought the ones from NM had a light pink background but apparently not. it was just the lighting from the photo. I wouldn't say that they are shiny. I love them really. Uhm i wear a size 6 so i ordered a 36/6 and it seems a bit loose. I'm thinking about reordering to try size 5. hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for that. I would have been really disappointed if I got them and they weren't pink.