Need some help with a wallet!!

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  1. Hello ladies. I just ordered a mini lin croisette speedy 30 in the blue for my girlfriend as a surprise late-xmas gift, but i also want to get a wallet to go with it. Im giving her the bag as a surprise because i had gotten her a ticket to paris to go see this show she kept talking about. She then said right after, "Ught oh, i hope i have a good bag for the trip!". Haha. I think it would be a nice surprise. I felt cheap getting her just the ticket because tecchnically it was free (I used frequent flyer miles). ;) So i need a wallet to go with the bag. The one thing is, she has A LOT of cards. And i mean, A LOT! I want to get something that would go with it, so i would be more against just a regular monogram. And also she hates the denim line, so none of that. I had been thinking maybe something in the damier azur, or a perle colored vernis piece. Any suggestions? I really want her to love it!
  2. Thanks for those threads! Probably about 15-20 cards...
  3. You are such a sweet BF. Lovely choice of bag. I think that the pearl Zippy wallet would be fab.
  4. Great! Thanks a ton! I just ordered that and a perle pochette cles. I think it will look good.
  5. blue cruise speedy with perle, wow!!! yumyum.
    also white epi is nice!
  6. What an awesome bf!!! I'm sure she'll love her new Vernis pieces. :biggrin:
  7. I'd go with the Ivoire Epi too. The pochette wallet is a fav but for the amount of cards you might look at the PTI wallet too. Good luck! Let us know what you decided!!
  8. How about the Pomme French Purse?

    That's cute! :smile:
  9. either the pochette wallet. this wallet is amazing, it only has 8 card slots, but because of its design you can just throw all of the others in there as well. or the alexandra wallet i believe.... i think that has a ridiculous amount of card slots. hope this helps.
  10. wow, 15 -20 cards ... definitely the mahina, the gris would go well with the mini lin croisette in blue imo.
  11. I would do a Suhali Zippy wallet in Verone..
  12. love the what you got her. will go really nice!
    in case she doesnt love it, show her the eugiene!

  13. You are such a lovely bf~ if you have ordered a mini lin croisette speedy 30 in blue, I would have go for vernis amarante zippy or a white epi zippy would be nice!:p
  14. I would go for the gris mahina wallet as it has many CC spaces and has gold hardware (and the gris will match the speedy) where as ivorie epi has silver hardware...I know I am anal about matching hardware:shame: