Need Some Help With A Rocking Horse!!!!

  1. Hello!!! Was just wondering if anyone knows of a website,or someone I can get in touch with.e-mail etc for help with this hansome chap I got a couple of days ago.He's not really,really old,but he does come from the company who Queen Victoria chose her dapple rocking horse from,I've had him Id'd but as for doing any renovations,I can't find anyone who can chat on-line and guide me.

    He's a big horse and a lot too mess up!! But I'm pretty good at art,and diy has never really phased me that much,and as he's not a priceless antique,I'm assured some sympathetic restoration and a better paint job won't reduce his value at all.
    But I don't want to dive in and make a mess for want of not knowing a better way to do things and have to re-do bits etc!!

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so grateful!! And I thought I would post you all some pics to look at,its always nice to see what peeps are talking about in their posts,and its always nice to see a rocking horse!!
    He is actually for my lil girl,but I have always wanted one,so she is just the best excuse in the world to get one into the house!!:busted plus,he's actually big enough for me to sit on!! Should I have admitted that? Lol!!!!
    frogs 010.JPG frogs 006.JPG frogs 004.JPG frogs 012.JPG frogs 007.JPG
  2. Ooo, btw,I could have made a more interesting title,but I did'nt want lure anyone in under false pretences!!! So if you can't help,I hope you enjoy the pics!!!xxxx
  3. Hope no-one minds me bumping this up,I know some ladies with time differences come on later,so I'm tryin to catch anyone who may have an idea? I'm UK time,so I may bump a couple more times before tonights over if thats ok,if nothins happened by then I'll settle for killing my own thread and watch it sink without a trace!! Lol!! xxx
  4. Chaz, That is just lovely. The only thing I can think of is to take it to a "hardware/paint" store.
    I would try to find a small owner operated place instead of a huge box store.

    Some of those people are VERY knowledgable about paint removal, resurfusing, etc.

    Also, have you done a google search for "carrousel" renovations? You might find some info that way.

    You HAVE to send me some pics of the finished product! I bet it will be beautiful.
  5. ^^^^^ Oh hun!! Thank you so much for your reply,I think I should have said,he's nearly 42 inches tall up to his saddle,the top of his neck is 52 inches!!! I don't think I could fit him in my car!!!! And the good news is,I have just found a forum on e-bay called Elite Rocking Horses,and lots of peeps who renovate and restore antique and sad old horses, chat and give advice!!

    There is a thin plaster coating on him called 'gesso' some of this has cracked off and I need expert advice on what to do,chip it back in a localised area,orstrip the whole of him completely???Gulp!! Big job,hes about the size of a real pony!! But so worth it in the end!!!

    And yes hun,I'll send you pics of his make over!! I'll add you to my buddy list and then I can do that!!xxxxxx