Need some help w/ the WAPITY CASE

  1. Does anyone have the WAPITY CASE??
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - cosmetic pouch, louis vuitton wapity case

    If you have it, please post pics of it. I am looking to see the inside - how much it will hold,etc. Also comparison pics as to it's size and pics of you holding it so I can see how it fits on your wrist or in your hand. It looks really cute online and I'm debating it. Oh and would a small camera (I have the Canon SD 900) fit in it?

    oh and most important of all, would it fit inside the Coussin bag?? I was thinking of essentially getting it to be my camera case and go inside my coussin bag with my lv french wallet too. But then I was thinking it would be cute on small trips too. So help me out some pics!!


  2. lol... Ask and all PFers will say *yay* they do have one or both Wapitys.
  3. I have the Canon SD450 and it fits perfectly, I can also fit my cell in there with it.
  4. Go to the LV Clubhouse. There is a Wapity club with at least 5 pages of replies. You'll probably see several Wapity pics on it.

    I have a mono version and love it!! The interior pocket holds a ton of credit cards and then I keep money, cell phone, and lip balm in the the main section.
  5. Here is is beside the mini pouchette. It will fit any two of my cell phone, camera and ipod. Plus a fee CCs and ID and money.

  6. fine, I'm gonna post a pic lol and as for the coussin I don't know... I just remember Karman has one

  7. ok I just searched through all 15 pages of the wapity club and there really aren't any good pics with a camera inside or stuff inside.

    So here is my dilema........I just bought the rabat on 1/1/07 (still nwt in box and have till 1/15/07 to return) to carry about some extra credit cards that don't fit into my french purse wallet (holds 4) and it was $210 compared to $275 for the wapity. Then I see how cute this wapity is and think it will hold my camera or I can use it as a small little bag instead of carrying around my coussin for quick trips (which is what I thought I could do with the rabat - but then my cell wouldn't fit in there).

    So do I return the rabat and get the wapity?? Cuz I'm pretty sure hubby WILL NOT let me get both!!

  8. Will it fit your camera AND your cell phone??

    I have the LG Fusic phone so it's a small flip phone and then the camera is that little Elph one.


  9. ok so I returned the rabat and got the wapity. Yay!
  10. yup, bigger bangs for the bucks when you go w/wapity ^^
  11. i wanna get a wapity too!!!! white MC!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats! It does fit my Canon and my cell phone quite comfortably, plus a chapstick too.
  13. ok for those is a pic of my coussin bag with my french purse wallet and the wapity case in fits great!


    Also here are some pics with various stuff in the wapity so you can see what it will hold. And man can I say it holds alot of stuff!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. I just bought the white MC wapity.. you will love yours!!
  15. I'm getting one tooo!!! whtie MC!