Need some help w. my browns

  1. I had a YUMMY smooth, thick perfect Truffle day. Notice the "had" part? I decided that the brown day for me was really the dark olive and GAVE my sister my Truffle. Well I am not loving not liking the olive day. I went back to NM 3 times to see if there was a better bag to choose and they are all very veiny and have a whitish cast to them. Today was the day I decided the day must go back (still unused). Here's the ? Do I rebuy the Truffle in the day (also thinking about the Twiggy) or wait for the new colors?? Any suggestions?:s :s :s :s :s :s

    ** And no chance of getting the Truffle bag back from my sister.:sad:
    Brown hobos.JPG
  2. Sorry to hear about your Marron Day (I had also sent my marron Day back for the same reason, but then ended up with a beautiful Marron City from a different SA who knew how to pick Bbag leathers).
    If you want one now, then I would go for the Truffe Day. BUT, be careful because even with the Truffe, some of them can be quite veiny. I ended up returning my Truffe Purse style because it was so veiny (like the Marron Day). Then I got a beautiful Truffe Day from the SA who chose my Marron City for me. At the time she chose it she told me most were veiny though.
    If you can wait awhile, then the Truffe or Argyle or Cafe (if you are looking for browns) sound pretty for '07.
    Let us know what you decide!
  3. I love my Truffle... so I say get one now!!

  4. I would go ahead and get one now.
  5. rebuy :P
  6. Buy the truffle now if you really love the color. Maybe you can buy your sister another bag in a color she loves and trade her back for your truffle that you gave her. Good Luck!
  7. Will your sister trade the olive for the truffle? Afterall you GAVE it to her...put the guilt on her. :angel: