Need some help/suggestions here! Thanks. :)

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new here and I've read quite a couple of threads on the Sabrina Leather. I'm interested in getting a Sabrina Leather in Black with nickel. However, I'm undecided between getting a medium or a large. I would like some advice here! I'm 5ft2 and I intend to use the bag for work. I sometimes head off to the gym after work as well. With all my other bags, I used to carry my laptop in my bag. Right now, I would like to have the laptop in where it should be (the laptop bag) and together with a work bag (i.e. the sabrina). Am wondering if the sabrina (medium) would be able to fit in a sports bra too? Or, should I get the large? My concern is that the sabrina large would end up looking too big and non-classy as a result. Much thanks for hearing me out!
  2. because you are small 5ft 2 i think the small would definitely meet your needs. that said, i have to add that i have and love the large! it just doesn't feel like a great big bag to me. i believe other petite members have also posted that they own the large as well. one benefit of the large is that it has better zipper access. the smaller one is very nice but if the ends are clipped down, i find the access a little restricted . when worn as a shoulder bag the small one expands more and the zipper opens more. just one opinion here. they are both great and the small does hold more than you would think .if possible i recommend trying them on for size. good luck!
  3. I agree with the previous poster. I am about 5 feet and very petite and I like the small/medium b/c it fits my needs, it really does hold more than you think but I got this one b/c I liked it better than the large and didn't feel like I need a bigger one. If I get a bigger bag I usually fill it with unnecessary junk so something a little smaller keeps me more organized. However I have not had a problem with my small/medium holding my stuff and then some. I agree that the best way is to try them on and try your stuff in it and see if it fits your needs or not.