Need some help:should I go for Hermes?

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    First: please,accept my apologizes for my approx. english!I hope you'll understand!
    I've got some bags(Chloe: python silverado,whiskey Edith/ Fendi chocolate Spy/ 3 Dreyfuss/Prada large black tote),I think of reselling most of them to own an Hermes bag.
    I love the Birkin(to be honest,probably 'cause it's an iconic bag),but I'm afraid not to assume such a luxury bag:anyone knows a Birkin is a very expensive bag.Same for the Kelly.
    Do you feel sometimes embarassed with your Birkin?
    Do you think,to have a Birkin,you must have the matching way of life?

    I like the Bolide too:very "under the radar",practical,the choice of the reason.But reselling my collection,for a bolide,is it a good choice...that's the question!!!
    You have to know some things to help me:I'm 36,have two daughters,it would be my unique Hermès bag,I'm not an actress or a princess:I have to be prudent with my budget;).I'm completely crazy with bags(aren't you?)
    What should I do?
    -To keep my collection
    -Go for a Birkin,even my bag screams"mummy has sold her eyes for me!" :P
    -Go for a Bolide
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. WELCOME TO HERMES FORUM, anilouann!

    Many t'pfers here came from various backgrounds. Some are teachers, SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), students, lawyers, business owners etc.

    To keep your collection, perhaps, you can find some other ways to fund your 1st birkin, e.g. asking your DH to chip in a little? or save up more money?

    Between bolide and birkin, it's up to you. Owning a birkin doesn't scream, "mummy sold her eyes for me!" You can be free of financial problems and have a stable amount of savings while at the same time, own a birkin.
  3. As you are locatd in France you should definitely try a vintage store, there are so many of them in Paris and you should be able to find a kelly at a good price. :tup:
  4. IFFAH:thanks for your answer and your nice "welcome"
    LIBERTE:thank you too,but I don't think I could find the Kelly of my dream on a resale shop:I prefer palladium hardware and a big size(35 or 40 cm).All the vintage Kelly I've seen,were mostly 32 with gold HW.
  5. anilouann, I think you need to consider carefully if you would be happy with just one bag to carry all the time if you sold all your other bags for one H. For some, once they go H, they never turn back to other brands/bags and so are perfectly content to give up all others to fund their H.

    For me personally, I like variety. Whilst I love H bags, for now the other bags will stay as well.

    A birkin does not necessarily have to mean that you are a princess (though we all like to pretend it is so! :yes:) - just take a look at the ladies on this forum. We're all so different, at different points in our lives. It IS possible to have a Birkin so long as you plan your budget well for it.

    My advice is - go for the Bolide first. Let yourself own a little H piece... and then from there decide if you are so in love that you are willing to let all your other pieces go.
  6. As other ladies said, owning a birkin is not about what you have to be or how you have to live.

    It's a handbag, plain and simple. A very expensive one, but still a handbag.

    Pyrexia asked a great question, will you be happy with one handbag. Please know that a birkin is a heavy handbag compared to some.

    To answer your quesitons, only you can decide if you want to sell to fund one bag.

    No no particular lifestyle required or needed or warrented to own a Birkin. And those that know don't care and those that don't know don't care what it is. And you should not worry about others, it's your bag, your life, your money.

    I don't lead a glamours life. I'm a middle aged married woman who is just ordinary and I have a couple and never once thought about it other than I love the bag, the look and I'm tired of buying an "IN" bag more often so I bought the Birkin. I love the look of the bag, the way it travels, but never once did I think I shouldn't have it becuase I'm not "some glamours movie star, celeb/princess whatever". I am me and I have a right to own the same items if I can afford it as any celeb/princess/glamour queen. Most are paid off money we spend on them anyway in some way or another anyway.

    They are no better than you so if you can afford it and you want it and you love it, then it's your choice. I've never ever been embarrased by my birkin, why should I be. In my case, my DH bought it with money he earned the honest way, that's all that matters, why should I be embarrassed about owning any handbag as long as it was purchased honestly and fairly.

    Good luck but never let anyone tell you you don't deserve or are not up there or good enough to own a birkin.

    Bonne Chance avec votre choix et votre décision.
  7. #7 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Thanks PYREXIA!Reading your comment,I think I should be more precise;
    If I own a bolide,I don't have to resell all my collection(just some bags)
    Why I think I have to resell some bags?Most of them are in my dressing room,and not on my arm!But when I keep one to send it to my favorite vintage shop,I fall in love again(completely nut!!!:nuts:)
    But I a bit fed up with "it bags",just a question of mathematics:5 it bags=1 Birkin choice or exception?
    If I have an Hermes bag,I would probably wear it all the time,so you wouldn't need so much bags...(am I completely
  8. If you love the bolide as much as you love the birkin, and won't have to sell your bags to get one, go with the bolide. Otherwise, get the birkin. I think a number of people here started out collecting other brands and ultimately sold many of them after they began owning H bags.
  9. #9 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Thanks MISSMARGAUX,I couldn't express it better than you did.
    What about the question Bolide discretion versus Birkin?
    Dear LULILU,in fact I don't know which one I prefer,the bolide is practical,more anonymous,not so expensive as a Birkin.But as I mentionned,It would probably be my only Hermes bag,I don't want to regret my purchase(if I can spend 4000 euros in Bolide,shouldn't I wait and save money for Birkin or a Kelly?)
    I've read the "ode to the Bolide",it was a great thread!What do you think of this bag?
    To resum:it's not only a question of money,I need your advice to make the best choice!
  10. The best piece of advice I can give is to spend a while here in this forum, have a look around go to the reference library and take a look at all the different styles available. You may find you prefer something else.

    When I first came here I thought I loved the Birkin and that I wouldn't be happy till I had one. Whilst I still love and appreciate the look and style of the Birkin and love it on other people, I now know its not the bag for me. So take your time and look around, you may find something else you love.
  11. That is a personal choice about what you like want in a bag. Only you can answer that. I bought the Birkin because I love it, I like the boldie but I don't love it. (no offense to boldie owners). Same with Lindy, I tried to love it, I really tired.

    Bottom line is you have to love the bag. It's not about our choice, the ladies are giving you options with differnt bags, but you have to decide which one you truely love.
    None are cheap or bargains, and all are beautiful in their own right. My suggestion would be to try each one and see which one you truely love.
    One is not better than the other, it's about what makes you happy and what you love and which one you really really want.

    As for resale. My suggestion would be to sell one bag if you think you will miss them and see how it feels. If you miss it so much you are going to repurchase then don't sell any.

    My DH is into cameras. He sold a camera to buy another one, not becuase he had to but becuase he felt he should. He missed the other camera that he repuchased one and lost money on the whole process.

    If selling a bag is making you unhappy then that is also something to consider but it doesn't mean you should wait to buy the birkin if that's the bag you truely love and want.

    I didn't own anything Hermes except a few scarves when I bought my Birkin no other bag, nothing.

    Think about what LittleBlackBag says, she is right, just becuase someone else loves a Birkin or Kelly doesn't mean you will. It might be too heavy for you or you may want a shoulder strap or a zipper or whatever.
  12. i don't have a birkin but do have a bolide and love it.
    it is easy to use, available in many leathers and colors and under the radar.
    if you love the birkin you should wait for it but hermes does many beautiful bags besides the birkin and kelly.
    if you won't feel comfortable carrying the birkin you may not enjoy it.
  13. I had a Bolide (sold it to a friend) and it was a beautiful bag, lightweight, classically styled, and very roomy. I am a Bolide fan. It is more reasonably priced than the Birkin as well.
    If it is the Birkin style that you want, then the Bolide looks nothing like it and you won't be happy. But if you want the Hermes name then you would probably love a Bolide. The fact that it is more affordable is a big plus.
    I think they only way you are going to know is to try each bag, in person, in your own hands.
  14. In fact,I've had the opportunity to buy a Birkin,there are several months ago.
    My SA called me,there was two Birkin available and a 35 Kelly too.
    I've tried them and honestly,I thought I was quiet beautifull...why didn't I take one of them:I was like ashamed to spend so much money just in a bag.
    "it's just a bag""others have beautifull leather""why do you want it:is it 'cause it's hard to find?"So much questions...I've prefered to let the bag
    But,I can spend one day 1000 euros in bag,the next day a ring,the other day ...
    Not very coherent,isn't it?
  15. Anilouann-----If you felt ashamed to spend so much money on a bag, maybe you aren't at a comfortable point yet. It's okay, you trusted your gut instinct, and held back. Nothing wrong with that.

    Would buying a Birkin cause cash flow problems for you? It's the ultimate bag, but do you have the spare cash right now?

    Maybe take some time to think about this. Stop shopping for other bags, rings, because it doesn't give you satisfaction. What you really want is an Hermes. Put the spare cash aside. In 6 months time, look at all your spare cash and then decide whether you really want to spend all that money on a birkin/kelly.

    I think the Bolide is a great bag. It may not be instantly recognisable, but it is still an Hermes!