Need some help shopping, please!

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  1. Hi Ladies! I am a true Balenciaga Bag girl but a friend of mine told me she is going to give me her PCE card :smile:

    So now I need some help in figuring out what to get. I'm not familar with Coach; I have a mini skinny that I love and that's about it.

    I definitely want to get the skull charm and I'm also thinking of a wristlet. Not sure what else???? I'm not in the market for a bag or a wallet. I intend on going to the Coach store in the Short Hills Mall in NJ to check everything out in person, but wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions or could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks so much!! :smile:
  2. If you're not in the market for a bag or wallet, I would defintely take a look at a scarf. A Ponytail scarf is very versatile.
  3. ^^ Good advice. I really love their scarves and use them a lot.
  4. What about shoes?
    Coach makes some nice ones!!
  5. Go for a wristlet with the legacy stripe lining, and check out the scarves! They are so versatile and classic. Shoes are sunglasses are also good options. Have fun shopping, and post your finds!
  6. Check out a signature stripe wristlet with the legacy stripe lining, and scarves as well, and you might also look at the new keychains. There's a valet keyfob that separates into two keyfobs, very handy, and a tortoise keyfob that's adorable. Coach also has great initial charms and beautiful sunglasses. Check out the shoes, too! Enjoy!
  7. hamptons patent leather coin purse! and ponytail scarves.
  8. I got the Valet keychain and use it to attach to the d-ring in my med hampton's pebbled leather carryall in parchment..i love the bag but it dose not zip all the way so now i don;t have to worry about my keys falling out. I was pretty proud of myself for thinkin gof that...i got it at the macy's sale too :smile: I put anthing else tiny like chapstick or my pillbox in a cosmetic case or wristlet inside the bigger bag. No more caring that something will slip out. :smile:
    Be careful of the summer shoes one flame me but i got 2 pr of Coach flip flops and within 20 min my feet were killing me..i was walking all slow rto avoid pain. I was glad i switched into them at the mall and brought them back within an hr...they took both pr back no problem. I was bummed though as they were on sale and supercute!
  9. Wristlets, scarves, sunglasses, mini skinnies, shoes, kefobs, belts, cosmetic cases...
  10. What about an agenda, cell phone lanyard or picture frame keyfob ?
  11. Sort of unrelated, but I love the Short Hills store! It used to be my "home" store before I moved. The boutique is just the right size, too.

    You're going to be more interested in the rear of the store- from the back portion of the front fixture in the middle of the store, through the middle, and the rear walls on the sides. That's where all of the accessories are hiding.

    Also, the last time I was there the jewelry and watches were in the rear case. You may also want to think about sunglasses, an umbrella, belts, etc.

  12. what about perfume?
  13. Judie!!! :nuts: What fun to see you over here!

    Well... Coach accessories are adorable... so I would say definately check out the ponytail scarves, charms, & wristlets. I think the legacy multi striped accessories (that look like the lining in the legacy bags?) are adorable - however I'm not sure how much of those are left in the stores??

    Also... someone had a great suggestion with the shoes. They have a bunch of cute sandals, just makes sure you can try them on - because the sizing seems a bit wacka-doodle this season. :Push:

    Definately check out the accessories, and I really like the Large Soho Hobo in Mahogany leather for a casual bag to use when I don't want to a bring a bbag with... so depending on what you're in the market for - there should be lots to look at! Have fun! :tup:
  14. Thanks so much for all the suggestions everyone!!!!!!!!! Looks like I have a lot of pre-shopping to do!!! :yahoo:

    Especially thanks for all the warm welcome. (Bags- I didn't expect to see you here :P)

    I think I will check out all the wristlets, the key knobs, charms and scarves. I'm a bit worried about the shoes- I cannot tell you how many pairs of shoes I have purchased only to wear once due to blisters and pain :crybaby:

    I'm so excited to check everything out :yes:

  15. :sneaky: LOL...