Need some help seeing through fake bags but still getting a good deal

  1. I've been a chanel fan for a very long time. Ever since I bought makeup there I've been hooked. I'm dying to buy a chanel bag, but the thing is, I may be a little too eager. I need to take it slower and do my research before being hooked. I don't want to buy a bag, wait for it for weeks, hand over my wod, and realize it's a fake. But, as it is, I'm on a budget. I've been around to eBay and yahoo, and all of the "discount designer purse" sites....and I've encountered a few things that have made me suspicious. I'm looking for some advice on what to do, because I am not the kind of person who wouldn't be ashaimed at walking around with a fake. Anyone have any tips or ideas?
  2. Hi, do you know what kind of bag you would like and what is your budget?
  3. This probably isn't what you want to hear, but unless you're going to go for vintage, I don't think trying to get a "deal" on a new Chanel is the best thing. There are some sellers on eBay who occassional sell the bags around pre-increase prices or gently used items (look at personalshoppers --sometimes she's overpriced, other times a few hundred under retail) but short of that, I don't think it's a great place to really try to get a steal.

    Makers of fakes have gotten to the point that some of them are insanely accurate. I would just save my money. It may take longer to get, but at least you won't have the worries about it being fake.
  4. That sounds like decent advice. I've been going everywhere and it's so hard to see what's fake and what's real...:s
  5. I wll work hard, save hard and buy from the boutique. Unless you have very experienced eyes and extensive knowledge about what you want to buy, it's just too risky buying on internet. Too many top quality fakes out there!!
  6. If you find something on any website, whether it be an online retailer or eBay, do post in this thread:

    Keep in mind there is no such thing as a Chanel-authorized online dealer. You can find authentics from consignment websites and the like, but do double check with the Chanel experts here before buying (especially on eBay).

    What is your budget?
  7. Your first step should be to decide which bag you want, which is no small task because there are hundreds of styles and new styles coming out almost every season.:wtf: