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  1. Hello everyone! I asked my SA to put me on reserve for the brown color mini pouch (pictured below seen on the runway tied to the big bag). So far my SA got pink which I went to go see but am really lusting for the brown color. Will the brown be in production and sold in stores? I am worried because I asked my SA in February and the Summer collection is pretty much out but this bag is not showing up at all. Should I contact other stores in hopes for a brown one or wait for my SA to find me one? I really want this crossbody because it is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for as well. The color is Gold Sand right? Do you mind me asking which city you're in? You can DM me if you want! My SA in NYC said they are coming.
  3. YES! Homegirl we in the same city I'm gonna DM you rn!!
  4. Does anyone else have any intel on this? So far I'm still waiting for the bag.
  5. As long as you talked to a reliable SA and they said they are being released in the States, then they should be. It's just about the quantity and if your store doesn't get them directly, having one transferred. I think you'll have luck with the Madison ave store or downtown though.
  6. Thank you! My SA is at the Madison Ave store and she just texted me this afternoon that it should be here soon. Fingers crossed! They just got a fur version of it in today and my SA asked if I was interested but fur isn't really my thing lol so I will continue to wait for the Gold Sand color. I think I'm just being too impatient haha!! IMG_1492814253.930498.jpg
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  7. It's here! My SA just texted me. On my way to pick it up now. Will make a new reveal thread for it soon.
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