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  1. Hi Balenciaga Lovers!

    I need some help coz I totally fell in love with a bag that i saw... but have no idea if B even makes such a bag... :sad:

    I recently saw a tv series that from Hong Kong, that had a girl wearing a what looked like a B-bag, it's a pochette style measures i think about 12"W x 6-7"H... & it looks flat style pochette... it's appearance is the exacty same motorcycle look but no handles... just a LONG GOLDEN BRASS CHAIN so it allows you to wear it across your body...

    anyone have any idea if it's actually a B bag or is it just a copy cat with some extra thought from those fakers? thing is that its a well know tv series in HK, & knowing HK, it's rare that they use fake bags in programs...

    Thanks soooo much in advance for any help!!! ;)
  2. thanks Helen!!! btw, I'm in NZ too!!!
  3. also check on atelier.naff
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