Need Some Help Please!

  1. hi! yesterday i ordered an ergo indigo patchwork hobo from my coach store...SA said that it would be sent to me (from florida) over the next day and i would get an email letting me know when it left the, i haven't gotten an email yet and i called the store and SA told me that i should hear by the end of the day today or tomorrow...that there are 27K of them in stock and it's not a problem...then why am i still worried?!?!?! it seems pretty easy to just send me an email letting me know one went out!!! has this ever happened to you?:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. be patient. sometimes emails about shipments get delayed.
  3. Yes.
    If it's not here in say, a week?
    Then call.
  4. Could I have the item # of the Indigo Denim Patchwork Hobo please?

    I LOVE THAT BAG!:nuts:
  5. I have called the 1-800 number and they can look up your name and see if it shipped. I also got a tracking number from them if it did.

  6. The # for the Ergo Signature Patchwork Hobo is #10808 and it's $298. The color choice is indigo or khaki and will be in the stores in June.
  7. It also comes in the larger ergo hobo too along with regular size tote and a satchel.