Need some help please- which bag in black??

  1. Hi guys. I own a Day bag in truffle (I think). I was considering a Day in black but now I'm wondering if I should venture out into a new style- maybe the city?

    Any advice? I do tend to carry a lot. Also, I prefer a bag that I can wear over the shoulder and is light weight- I love all those facts about the Day. Sometimes I do carry files and a notebook for work.

    I would love to hear suggestions from all the experienced B owners. Thanks!!!!
  2. If you carry files you might want to look into the Part Time bag. It's larger than the City but a little smaller than the Work and it has a strap. Good Luck!
  3. Maybe a part time or work?
  4. A Work! If you're already used to the size of a Day and you carry a lot of stuff, then the Work is ideal. The City is too small for files, and the part-time is a little on the short side (though it is long), so if you're carrying files AND other stuff, the PT might be a tight squeeze.
  5. I think the work is more your style.
  6. I actually have the same question as the original poster. The work doesn't have a strap does it?

    Who carries a book and a notebook along with their other stuff in their city. Anyone?

    I am debating a city or a part time and I posted on it yesterday, but I am still confused.

    To JudieH, you were looking for a black day yesterday at a good price. One just got posted on eBay this morning with a low starting bid, but I would ask for more pictures. :supacool:
  7. Thank you guys! Please keep the suggestions coming. I will probably have to check out the bags in person in order to make the right decision, but at least I know now to compare Work and City. I will have to make a trip to the Short Hills Mall soon....

    At the same time, I may wait until the fall in order to purchase it. I want to really enjoy my new Day for a while.

    ltbag- I didn't see the black day on eBay. Maybe it was taken down???
  8. auction 220098021457. I'm watching it for a friend. I already have a black day and I love it! (It's my favorite bag) :supacool:
  9. I love everything about the work - EXCEPT no shoulder strap. It drives me crazy!
  10. Thanks Itbag. I found the auction. Do you mind if I "watch" it also? I would LOVE a black day at a great price. (Yeah, yeah, wouldn't we all!!).

    MBL- Thanks for your feedback. That's what I'm afraid of- I need a shoulder strap but one that is comfortable. The Day is perfect and I can wear it over my winter coat. That's why I am wondering if I should just stick with a Day. But at the same time, I wonder if I should branch out....

    Dilemmas, dilemmas....
  11. Of course you should watch the auction! My lazy, computer illiterate friend needs some competition. :supacool:

    I hope you win it. A black day is something everyone should have in my opinion. A black city too. That's why I am going to buy one soon.
  12. my favourite balenciaga styles in black are the city and day... Since you already have a basic color day you might like to try the city!
  13. If you want a true shoulder bag I say stick with the Day. Although the City does have a shoulder strap I don't find it sits on the shoulder as well as the Day. The Purse is also a great shoulder bag. If you can find one that is another great option.
  14. I don't think I have seen The Purse. The City looks so sexy!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. city. bought mine just last week and she is purr-fect.....